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NSN: 5995-00-001-4106
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
SC-D-446022-2FT Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E

SC-D-446022-2FT E Special Purpose Cable Assembly

Cage 80063

Technical Definition

Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 00782 - A definite continuous length of cable, special purpose, electrical, having one or more ends processed or terminated in fittings which provide for connection to other items. excludes items having branches or forks. excludes lead, test and cable and conduit assembly, electrical.

Technical Characteristics

Conductor Arrangement And Quantity (CXDQ):
2 singles
Conductor Form (CXCW):
Stranded all conductors
Conductor Quantity (AMQN):
Cross Section Outside Diameter (ADVL):
0.375 inches nominal
Cross-sectional Shape Style (AAGR):
Material (MATT):
Copper alloy core conductor all conductors
Material (MATT):
Rubber chloroprene class cr 2nd position jacket cable
Overall Length (AAJU):
2.000 feet
FSC Application Data (ZZZV):
Round Conductor Size (CXDC):
18 awg all conductors

National Stock Number (NSN)