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These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function as scs200kohs
Item Number Cage
SCS200KOHS 00062


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Series: SCS200KO

Technical Definition

Standard Solution, also referenced with federal logistics item name code


Description: Standard Solution
Mfr. Cage 00062


solubility in water: fully miscible in water;

AGAV For Use With/on
CXCY Part Description
Resistivity solution
DERM Level Of Dermal Irritation Potential
FEAT Special Features
Kit contains two bottle with different solutions in each; bottle 1(scs200kohs part a): 18cc bottle of stock solution; composition: 99.9% de-ionized water by weight to <0.1% kci by weight; contains hazardous material: potassium chloride; non-flammable; color: clear and colorless liquid; odor: odorless; molecular weight: 18amu; melting point: 32.00 deg. f.; boiling point: 212.00 deg. f.; vapor pressure: 23.76 mm hg; vapor density: 1.00; evaporation rate: 0.3; solubility in water: infinite; bottle 2 (scs200kohs part b): 240ml bottle of base solvent; composition: 70.00% de-ionized water by weight to 30.00% of n-propanol; flash point: 21.00 deg. c; auto ignition temperature: 412.00 deg. c.; extremely flammable; color: clear and colorless liquid; odor: alchohol-like odor; molecular weight: 60.10; melting point: -127.00 deg. c.; boiling point: 97.10 deg. c.; vapor pressure: 21.00 mm hg; vapor density: 2.07; specific gravity: 0.804; evaporation rate: 1.30;
SUPP Supplementary Features
Solubility in water: fully miscible in water;
National Stock Number (NSN): 6810-01-623-6144


Solicitation Description Qty UOM Close Date
SPE4A616T4665 Standard Solution 1 KT 11/12/2015
SPE4A615TLJ08 Standard Solution 1 KT 09/29/2015
SPE4A615TFY75 Standard Solution 1 KT 07/31/2015
SPE4A615TFV25 Standard Solution 1 KT 07/29/2015
SPE4A615TEQ26 Standard Solution 1 KT 07/14/2015

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