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NSN 5306-00-001-4807

Description: Close tolerance bolt nsn 5306-00-001-4807 and part number(s) with same form, fit, and function: ms27576-5-22, 106467-5-22, as194-5-22, ca4510-5-22.

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NSN: 5306-00-001-4807
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Close Tolerance Bolt NSN 5306-00-001-4807 Datasheet

  • Thread Class:
  • Thread Direction:
  • Thread Length:
    0.311 inches minimum and 0.378 inches maximum
  • Fastener Length:
    1.853 inches minimum and 1.873 inches maximum
  • Head Style:
    Dished hexagon
  • Head Height:
    0.157 inches minimum and 0.172 inches maximum
  • Width Between Flats:
    0.492 inches minimum and 0.502 inches maximum
  • Grip Diameter:
    0.3108 inches minimum and 0.3117 inches maximum
  • Shank Unthreaded Hole Diameter:
    0.076 inches minimum first hole and 0.086 inches maximum first hole
  • Nominal Thread Diameter:
    0.312 inches
  • Grip Length:
    1.375 inches minimum and 1.391 inches maximum
  • Thread Quantity Per Inch:
  • Hardness Rating:
    36.0 rockwell c minimum overall and 41.0 rockwell c maximum overall
  • Distance From Head Largest Bearing Surface To Shank Hole Center:
    1.738 inches minimum first hole and 1.768 inches maximum first hole
  • Surface Finish:
    63.0 microinches bearing surface of head
  • Surface Finish:
    63.0 microinches grip
  • Special Features:
    W/retaining element on shank
  • Material:
    Steel comp e4340 overall or steel comp 4340 overall or steel comp 8740 overall or steel comp 4130 overall or steel comp 6150 overall
  • Surface Treatment:
    Cadmium overall and chromate overall
  • Surface Treatment Document And Classification:
    Qq-p-416 ty 2 cl 2 fed spec all treatment responses overall
  • Thread Series Designator:


NIIN: 000014807
NSN: 5306000014807
DEMIL Code Meaning: Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations.

Freight Codes:

NMF Desc: Bolts, Nuts Or Screws, Noi (sub 3)
NMFC: 093486
UFC: 48950
LTL: Rating variable
WCC: Bolts or nuts (iron or steel),(less than 35 feet)
TCC: No special type of cargo code applicable
SHC: Other or no special handling required (sh)
ADC: Shipment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 84 inches in any dimension.
ACC: Construction materials: includes paint and related materials, prefabricated building, wood products, metal and composition mater
ASH: No special handling required.

Management Codes:

CTL: SF9SX-V (MOE: DF), ------- (MOE: GP), ------- (MOE: DS)
AAC: Insurance/numeric stockage objective item. items which may be required occasionally or intermittently, and prudence requires that a nominal quantity of materiel be stocked due to the essentiality or the lead time of the item. 1. the item is central
QUP: 1
SLC: 0

Reference Drawing:

[drawing of 5306-00-001-4807]

Schedule B & Trade:

7318152000 (NAICS 332722)
Bolts and bolts and their nuts or washers exported in the same shipment

Screws, bolts, nuts, screw hooks, rivets, washers and similar articles, threaded, of iron or steel

End Use:

Iron and steel products, other

Questions & Answers:

What are the historical prices recorded for this stock number?
No pre-dated pricing for this NSN could be found.
What NATO entities are users of this NSN?
Poland, Singapore, Canada, Korea, Republic Of, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, and Greece
How is national stock number 5306-00-001-4807 defined?
An externally threaded fastener whose unthreaded portion is of a specified grip length, plated or unplated, and is machined to a tolerance of one thousandth (0.001) of an inch (0.025 mm) or less of a specific diameter for items one inch (25 mm) or less in diameter. items over one inch (25 mm) in diameter shall have a tolerance of fifteen ten-thousandths (0.0015) of an inch (0.038 mm) or less. the nominal major diameter of the threads shall be at least one thousandth (0.001) of an inch (0.025 mm) below the minimum shank diameter, but not below the minimum major diameter for applicable class of fit, as shown in the screw thread standards, fed std h28 and/or other nationally recognized standards. the head is not designed to be held or driven with an inserted driver, nor is it designed for rotation by the thumb and fingers. a locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads. for items having close tolerance, and fabricated from material having 160,000 pounds per square inch (1100 megapascals) minimum tensile strength, see bolt, shear. for items fabricated from material having less than 160,000 pounds per square inch (1100 megapascals) minimum tensile strength and not having a close tolerance, see bolt, machine.
Does this item require Demilitarization?
Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9).
Is this item ITAR controlled?
No. This item is not ITAR Controlled.
When was this national stock number assigned to the federal catalog?
Sep 27, 1972

Replacements and Cancellations:

5306-00-001-4807 is not a replacement of any national stock number and has not been cancelled or replaced itself.