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About Us and our Operations

We are an AS9120 certified distributor of NSN (national stock number) parts and conumables worldwide to companies and individuals in the aviation, military, and commercial sectors.

Our goal is to alleviate our customers of the massive job of sourcing and logistics relating to the procurement of products needed for their operations. We accomplish this by providing an easy to search massive products database online at our website which includes nsn specifications, manufacturers, shipping information, historical pricing, prior procurement data, and much more for every single NSN.

Send us a request for quote and you'll receive a pricing and availability quote by email typically within 1-24 hours. Once you've decided to place an order with us the process is as simple as e-signing your order agreement online and providing payment information. Your order will then be prepared by our certified quality control and packaging/handling experts for shipment to any non-embargoed country in the world.

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Updated NSNs

Last updated: 09/29/2022 06:43pm EST

NSNs updated with new and more information.

NSN 5331-00-006-8297 O-ring 09/29/22 06:43pm

center hole diameter: 3.344 inches to 3.374 inches plastic material

4820-00-006-7898 Air Vent Valve 09/29/22 05:26pm

hexagon body 1 in. across flats one end thread 3/4 inches 16 unf 3a

NSN 5910-00-006-7438 Capacitor 09/29/22 04:26pm

body length: 1.812 inches body height: 2.25 inches nonderated operating temperature: -65 degrees celsius to 85 degrees celsius insulation resistance at reference temperature: 15000 megohm-microfarads

3040-00-006-7990 Shaft Assembly 09/29/22 03:16pm

consists of shaft a51k56543-11 and indicator a51k56547-11 fscm 26512

NSN 5950-00-006-7705 Transformer 09/29/22 02:14pm

inductance rating: 0.33 microhenries single component single secondary body outside diameter: up to 0.34 inches body length: up to 0.187 inches inductance rating: 0.71 microhenries single component single primary

NSN 4730-00-006-7952 Plug 09/29/22 01:01pm

aluminum diameter: 0.219 inches to 0.125 inches

NSN 5340-00-006-8012 Hinge Leaf 09/29/22 11:57am

length: 4.5 inches center to center distance between mounting holes along length: 0.776 inches material thickness: 0.044 inches to 0.056 inches pin center to body edge distance: 0.75 inches

1560-00-006-8047 Fairing Panel Assembly 09/29/22 10:52am

aluminum alloy inner and outer skin aluminum honeycomb core

1660-00-006-7967 Heat Exchanger Bearing Carrier 09/29/22 09:31am

cres bar 17-4 nickel plate

NSN 5998-00-006-8060 Assembly 09/29/22 08:25am

height 0.372 capacitor 4 diode 3 integrated circuit 4 printed wiring board 1 resistor 13 transistor 3

NSN 4730-00-006-7903 Reducer 09/29/22 07:19am

aluminum material nominal overall length 1.297 seat angle 37 degrees 1st end nominal thread size 0.438 1st end

1650-00-006-7978 Transducer Cover 09/29/22 06:12am

aluminum alloy

Stock Checks  

Products in stock ready to ship. Last stock update: 09/29/2022 10:53pm history »

NSN 3110-00-851-4276
Needle Roller Bearing
Availability: 16
NSN 5310-00-020-9053
Key Washer
Availability: 2
NSN 5120-00-018-1523
Torque Wrench Adapter
Availability: 2
NSN 5945-01-365-9953
Electromagnetic Relay
Availability: 36
NSN 5950-00-015-3638
Radio Frequency Transformer
Availability: 264
NSN 5340-00-781-3918
Snap Hook
Availability: 2
NSN 6930-01-088-1120
Volume Tank
Availability: 7
NSN 5935-00-149-2857
Electrical Receptacle Connector
Availability: 106

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