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About Us and our Operations

We are an AS9120 certified distributor of NSN (national stock number) parts and conumables worldwide to companies and individuals in the aviation, military, and commercial sectors.

Our goal is to alleviate our customers of the massive job of sourcing and logistics relating to the procurement of products needed for their operations. We accomplish this by providing an easy to search massive products database online at our website which includes nsn specifications, manufacturers, shipping information, historical pricing, prior procurement data, and much more for every single NSN.

Send us a request for quote and you'll receive a pricing and availability quote by email typically within 1-24 hours. Once you've decided to place an order with us the process is as simple as e-signing your order agreement online and providing payment information. Your order will then be prepared by our certified quality control and packaging/handling experts for shipment to any non-embargoed country in the world.

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Updated NSNs

Last updated: 11/26/2022 05:42pm EST

NSNs updated with new and more information.

NSN 4710-00-006-6783 Fuel Tank Tube Assembly 11/26/22 05:42pm

1 fitting 1 nut 1 sleeve prebent

NSN 4710-00-006-6782 Metallic Bent Tube 11/26/22 04:28pm

diameter: 2.5 inches first end bead outside diameter: 2.664 inches

NSN 6640-00-006-6781 Laboratory Muffle Furnace 11/26/22 01:38pm

voltage rating: 230 volts power rating: 3600 watts

5310-00-006-6779 Sleeve Nut 11/26/22 10:35am

nut length: 0.19 inches flange width across flats: 1.125 inches

NSN 5360-00-006-6777 Compression Helical Spring 11/26/22 08:08am

spring free outside diameter: 0.49 inches minimum and 0.495 inches maximum used on aircraft instruments

5330-00-006-6579 Preformed Packing 11/26/22 05:13am

temperature rating: -65 degrees fahrenheit and 160 degrees fahrenheit hardness rating: 60 shore durometer a minimum and 70 shore durometer a maximum

4330-00-006-6560 Fluid Filtering Disk 11/25/22 05:30pm

body diameter: 1 inches body thickness: 0.125 inches

NSN 5962-00-006-6558 Digital Microcircuit 11/25/22 02:41pm

storage temperature range: -62 to +85 degrees celsius voltage rating and type per characteristic: -1.5 volts minimum power source and 5.5 volts maximum power source

NSN 5935-00-006-7118 Connector Body 11/25/22 12:04pm

length: 2.875 inches width: 1.656 inches height: 3.484 inches aluminum shell material

NSN 5935-00-006-7125 Electrical Receptacle Connector 11/25/22 09:59am

height: 0.52 inches to 0.54 inches nominal thread size: 0.086 inches

NSN 5935-00-006-7070 Electrical Receptacle Connector 11/25/22 07:28am

contact current rating in amps: up to 60 single mating end all contact groupings unthreaded mounting hole diameter: 0.209 inches to 0.219 inches

NSN 5935-00-006-7116 Electrical Plug Connector 11/25/22 05:06am

contact current rating in amps: up to 22 single mating end single contact grouping nominal thread length: 0.724 inches

Stock Checks  

Products in stock ready to ship. Last stock update: 11/27/2022 03:29am history »

NSN 2840-01-434-4017
Turbi Impeller Assy
Availability: 4
NSN 2835-01-425-3972
Nonaircraft Gas Turbine Engine
Availability: 4
NSN 5340-00-116-0599
Catch Strike
Availability: 211
NSN 5935-00-003-4978
Electrical Receptacle Connector
Availability: 199
NSN 5310-00-167-1288
Hexagon Castellated Plain Nut
Availability: 16806
NSN 6110-01-551-9549
Electric Brake
Availability: 4
NSN 4820-01-383-5811
Globe Valve
Availability: 4
NSN 6650-00-107-1667
Optical Instrument Cell Assembly
Availability: 78

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