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Data Entry Keyboard

NSN: 7025-01-545-4161 | Model: PL 4801440-1 IT/POSIT NO 24

A device for data input by key depression which causes the generation of the selected character, numeral or the like.

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SPE8EN20T2747 2020-05-15 PEPCE 5 EA
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NSN 7025-01-545-4161 Datasheet

Supply Class (FSC):
Adp Input/output And Storage Devices
Cross Reference:
  • PL 4801440-1 IT/POSIT NO 24
  • 4302059
  • 8200007
  • 8300007
Cage Codes:
  • Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation (CAGE 03956)
  • 901 D, Llc (CAGE 1NPW9)
Schedule B & Trade:
  • Schedule B: 8471602000 (NAICS 334118)

    Keyboard units

  • SITC: 75260

    Input or output units whether or not presented with the rest of a system and whether or not containing storage units in one housing in data processing

  • End Use: 21301

    Computer accessories


N - Indicates there is no data in the hmirs and the nsn is in a fsc not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials.


A - Item does not contain precious metal.


- Adp input/output and storage devices used to control and transfer information to and from a cpu. The input device is used for transferring data and instructions into a cpu. The output device is used to transfer results of processing by the cpu onto printed forms, punched cards, and/or magnetic media. Input/output devices combine the above functions in the same device. This class also includes data transmission terminals, batch terminals, and display terminals which are specially designed or modified to be used in conjunction with digital, analog, or hybrid cpus. It includes modems when they are integral to the terminal. It also includes storage devices in which data can be inserted, retained, and retrieved for later use.

Freight Information:
  • NMFC:

    116030 - Machines etc data processing

  • WCC:

    72D - Communications/electronics, other than sigint/ew or comsec repair parts and components

  • SHC:

    9 - Other or no special handling required (sh)

  • ADC:

    A - Shipment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 84 inches in any dimension.

  • ACC:

    H - Instruments/equipment/supplies for radio, communications, electrical, laboratory, etc. (includes signal corps)

  • LTL:

    W - Rating variable

  • TCC:

    Z - No special type of cargo code applicable

NSN Management Codes:
  • SOS
  • AAC
  • Quantity per pack
  • Unit of Measure
  • Shelf Life
  • Classification Control
  • Repariability

Questions & Answers:

What are the historical prices recorded for this stock number?
Historical data shows pricing from $4,734.03 to $7,890.06..
Does NSN 7025-01-545-4161 have a shelf life?
No. There is no shelf life applicable for this NSN.
What NATO entities are users of this NSN?
Department Of The Navy
What is the NIIN of NSN 7025-01-545-4161?
015454161 or 01-545-4161
Does NSN 7025-01-545-4161 require demilitarization?
Yes - ITAR Controlled
What is the most recent solicitation for NSN 7025-01-545-4161?
Solicitation SPE8EN20T2747 for qty 5 on 05/05/2020
When was this national stock number assigned to the federal catalog?
Nov 13, 2006