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NSN: 8010-00-066-9430 | Model: M81352-1-001G-35044

A clear or pigmented liquid coating composition which, when applied in a thin layer, sets and dries rapidly to form a solid film chiefly by evaporation of the solvent portion of the vehicle. It is composed basically of a cellulose derivative and/or a blend of resins such as vinyl, arcylic, polystyrene, and the like, mixed in a solvent, with or without the addition of plasticizers. Excludes shellac, cut; paint, rubber; paint, antifouling; dope and all items that are mechanically strippable.

NSN Properties and Flags
NATO Stock Number
Specific Use
Aircraft surfaces
Application Method
Brushing as packaged or roller or spraying as is
Quantity Within Each Unit Package
1.000 gallons
Features Provided
Lead free and chromate free
Gloss Designation
Basic Material Type
Acrylic resin
Coloring Method
Rated Drying Time
40.000 minutes
Color Chip Number
Volatile Organic Compound In Grams Per Liter
Environmental Attribute Code
Low volatile organic compound - coatings - aerospace operations coatings
Special Features
For use as an exterior touch-up coating over epoxy primer conforming to mil-prf-23377 or mil-p-85582
Nondefinitive Specification/std Data
1 type
Recent Solicitations
Solicitation Return by Date Buyer Code Quantity
SPE8ES18T1508 2017-12-05 PEPCE 1 GL
SPE8ES18T1150 2017-11-13 PEPCE 1 GL
SPE8ES18T0712 2017-10-31 PEPCE 30 GL
SPE8ES18T0394 2017-10-23 PEPCE 2 GL
SPE8ES18T0143 2017-10-11 PEPCE 2 GL
SPE8ES17T7066 2017-10-02 PEPCE 2 GL
SPE8ES17T2725 2017-03-13 PEPCE 1 GL
SPE8E515Q0763 2015-09-26 PEPCA 4 GL
SPE8E515Q0762 2015-09-25 PEPCA 2 GL

Inventory Check

The last inventory check on this NSN was done on 09/28/2021. Due to rapid changes in inventory this may not be the current stock qty.

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  • Serviceable: 1
  • New Surplus: 11
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NSN 8010-00-066-9430 Datasheet

Supply Class (FSC):
Related Products Varnishes Dopes Paints
Cross Reference:
  • M81352-1-001G-35044
  • MIL-PRF-81352
  • P-885
  • 700L33
  • MIL-PRF-81352 TY1
  • MIL-L-81352
Cage Codes:
  • Military Specifications (CAGE 81349)
  • Lenmar Inc (CAGE 0BDY9)
  • Domcom Enterprises Inc. (CAGE 58963)
  • General Services Administration (CAGE 80244)

Y - Indicates information is in the hazardous materials information resource system (hmirs).


A - Item does not contain precious metal.


JD - Aerospace operations coatings


- The item does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application.

Freight Information:
  • NMFC:

    149980 - Paint and related materials

  • WCC:

    620 - Paint, in individual containers less than 10 cubic ft

  • SHC:

    9 - Other or no special handling required (sh)

  • ADC:

    A - Shipment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 84 inches in any dimension.

  • ACC:

    B - Construction materials: includes paint and related materials, prefabricated building, wood products, metal and composition mater

  • TCC:

    R - Flammable liquids, un class 3 (flammable liquids label)

  • LTL:

    W - Rating variable

NSN Management Codes:
  • SOS
  • AAC
  • Quantity per pack
    No qup
  • Unit of Measure
  • Shelf Life
    24 mo.
  • Classification Control
  • Repariability

Questions & Answers:

What are the historical prices recorded for this stock number?
Historical data shows pricing from $310.92 to $518.20..
Does NSN 8010-00-066-9430 have a shelf life?
No. There is no shelf life applicable for this NSN.
What NATO entities are users of this NSN?
Department Of The Air Force, Department Of The Navy, General Services Administration, Singapore, Republic Of Korea, Italy, Greece, and Turkey
What is the NIIN of NSN 8010-00-066-9430?
000669430 or 00-066-9430
Does NSN 8010-00-066-9430 require demilitarization?
Yes - ITAR Controlled
What is the most recent solicitation for NSN 8010-00-066-9430?
Solicitation SPE8ES18T1508 for qty 1 on 11/30/2017
When was this national stock number assigned to the federal catalog?
Jul 05, 1967

Material Safety



route of entry inds - inhalation: yes
skin: yes
effects of exposure: inhal: anesthetic. Irrit of resp tract, acute nervous
system depression. Skin/eye: primary irrit. Associated repeat/prolong
occupational overexposure to solvent w/perm brain & nervous system
damage. C onc & inhaling mat'l may be harmful/fatal. Temp drying effect,
mucous membrane irrit. Cardiac effects, heart rhythm
signs and symptions of overexposure: central nerv sys depress: headache,
dizziness, staggering, confusion, unconsciousness, coma. Changes. Liver
abnormalities. Animal studies: cardiac sensitization, hearing deficits. Liver
abnormalities, kidney damage, lung damage, spleen damage.

medical cond aggravated by exposure: none known.

first aid: inhalation: remove to fresh air. Give oxygen if breathing is
difficult. Call a physician. Eyes: flush immed w/running water for 15
minutes. See physician. Skin: wash affected areas promptly w/ water. Remove
contaminated clothing; launder before reuse. Consult a physician. Ingestion:
call physician or poison control center immediately. If conscious give 1 or 2
glasses water. Do not induce vomiting.

Chemical Properties

hcc: f2
b.P. Text: 176 to 399f
vapor density: > air
spec gravity: 8.69 lbs/gal
evaporation rate & reference: slower than ether.

percent volatiles by volume: 68


product id: pn p-885 lacquer acrylic blue 35044
cage: 0bdy9
company name: lenmar, inc.

street: 150 south calverton road
city: baltimore md
zipcode: 21223
health emergency phone: 301-358-5524
label required ind: y
date of label review: 12/16/1998
status code: c
label date: 12/16/1998
origination code: g
hazard and precautions: inhal: anesthetic. Irrit of resp tract, acute nervous
system depression. Skin/eye: primary irrit. Associated repeat/prolong
occupational overexposure to solvent w/perm brain & nervous system
damage. C onc & inhaling mat'l may be harmful/fatal. Temp drying effect,
mucous membrane irrit. Cardiac effects, heart rhythm * central nerv sys
depress: headache, dizziness, staggering, confusion, unconsciou sness, coma.

*changes. Liver abnormalities. Animal studies: cardiac sensitization,
hearing deficits. Liver abnormalities, kidney damage, lung damage, spleen


responsible party cage: 0bdy9
trans id no: 45713
product id: pn p-885 lacquer acrylic blue 35044
msds prepared date: 01/31/1992
review date: 05/31/1992
mfn: 1
multiple kit number: 0
review ind: y
unit of issue: gl
container qty: 4
type of container: metal


stability indicator: yes
stability condition to avoid: temperatures in excess of 150 f in closed
container. Exposure to heat, sparks, open flame and hot surfaces.

materials to avoid: oxidizing agents.

hazardous decomposition products: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide.

hazardous polymerization indicator: no

Proper Disposal

spill release procedures: remove ignit sources. Mop up spill/add absorbent. Use
non-sparking tools. Use adequate vent. Move leaking cntnrs outdoors,
observing precautions (fire, spark, flame hzd). Runoff to waterway creates fi
re hazards; notify fire & health agencies.

waste disposal methods: reclaim material, incinerate, or use sanitary landfill
method of disposal, in accordance with federal, state & local
regulations. Do not incinerate closed containers. Seal drums tightly.

handling and storage precautions: store in well vented warehouse. Keep out of
diret sunlight or other heat source. Keep cntnr closed. No smoking. Do not
ingest (harmful/fatal).

other precautions: ground cntnrs when pouring. Avoid free fall of liquid in
excess of few inches. Close cntnrs after use. Don't transfer contents to
bottles or other unlabeled cntnrs. Avoid prolonged contact w/skin & br
eathing of vapors/mists.



Ld50 lc50 mixture: none
routes of entry: inhalation: yes skin: yes ingestion: yes
health hazards acute and chronic: direct contact to eyes may cause
irritation. Prolonged and/or repeated contact may cause skin
irritation. Inhalation of high concentrations of vapors may lead
to lung changes, nausea, vomiting, cough , pulmonary irritation,
and central nervous system depression. Ingestion may cause
gastrointestinal disturbances.

explanation of carcinogenicity: none
effects of overexposure: inhalation: may cause drowsiness, dizziness,
fatigue, followed by coma. Eye: direct contact and/or contact with
vapors may cause irritation. skin: prolonged and/or repeated
contact may cause irritati on. Ingestion: may cause
gastrointestinal disturbances.

medical cond aggravated by exposure: individuals with diseases involving
nervous system, liver and kidney.

First Aid

First aid: eye contact: flush with large amounts of water for 15
minutes. Seek medical aid.Skin: wash thoroughly with soap and
water. Seek medical aid.Ingestion: immediately seek medical aid.

Chemical Properties

Boiling pt: b.P. Text: 172 to 336 deg f.

melt/freeze pt: m.P/f.P text: none
decomp temp: decomp text: none
vapor density: heavier
spec gravity: (h2o=1): 1.3
voc pounds/gallon: 347
voc grams/liter: 2.9
evaporation rate & reference: slower than ether
solubility in water: essentially nil.

appearance and odor: viscous liquid with strong solvent odor.


Stability indicator/materials to avoid: yes
strong oxidizing agents.

stability condition to avoid: flames, sparks, smoking and heat.

hazardous decomposition products: carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

conditions to avoid polymerization: will not occur.

Proper Disposal

Waste disposal methods: use inert absorbent materials on spills. Dispose
of in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations.

disclaimer (provided with this information by the compiling agencies):
this information is formulated for use by elements of the department
of defense. the united states of america in no manner whatsoever,
expressly or implied, warrants this information to be accurate and
disclaims all liability for its use. any person utilizing this
document should seek competent professional advice to verify and
assume responsibility for the suitability of this information to their
particular situation.

Ingredients List

Ingred name: methyl ethyl ketone
cas: 78-93-3
rtecs #: el6475000
= wt: 14.

osha pel: 590 mg/m3;200 ppm
acgih tlv: 590 mg/m3;200 ppm
acgih stel: 885 mg/m3;300 ppm
epa rpt qty: 5000 lbs
dot rpt qty: 5000 lbs

ingred name: methyl methacrylate resin
= wt: 35.

ingred name: ethylene glycol monobutyl ether
cas: 111-76-2
rtecs #: kj8575000
= wt: 6.

osha pel: 240 mg/m3;50 ppm
acgih tlv: 121 mg/m3;25 ppm

ingred name: magsil 2628
cas: 14807-96-6
rtecs #: ww2710000
= wt: 35.

osha pel: see table z-3
acgih tlv: 2 mg/m3

ingred name: methyl amyl ketone
cas: 110-43-0
rtecs #: mj5075000
= wt: 3.

osha pel: 465 mg/m3;100 ppm
acgih tlv: 233 mg/m3;50 ppm