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SKU: 8040012961793 | Model: FM410-1.05 IN THK
NSN 8040-01-296-1793 NSN 8040-01-296-1793

Specifications from the Manufacturer

Physical Form:
Quantity Within Each Unit Package:
25.000 sheet
Specific Usage Design:
For splicing honeycomb and bonding inserts or edge members to honeycomb core
Special Features:
12 x 24 in. sheet; 0.050 in. thickness; foaming type; non-asbestos; unsupported; cures at 225 to 325 deg f; must be shipped and stored at 0 deg f or below
Plastic epoxy
Supplementary Features:
Twenty-five 12 in. x 24 in. sheets

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NSN 8040-01-296-1793 Datasheet

Supply Class:

8040 Adhesives And Epoxies

Cross Reference:

  • FM410-1.05 IN THK
  • 0-73695-2
  • 70416200
  • FM-410
  • FM-410-0.050

Cage Codes:

  • Cytec Engineered Materials Inc. (CAGE 1KU10)
  • Raytheon Company (CAGE 15090)
  • American Cyanamid Co (CAGE 07542)

Replaced or Cancelled:

8040-01-296-1793 replaces the national stock number 8040-01-280-4793


NIIN: 012961793
NSN: 8040012961793
DEMIL Code Meaning: Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations.

Freight Codes:

NMF Desc: Adhesives:cements, Glues, Pastes Noi
NMFC: 004620
UFC: 02480
LTL: Rating variable
WCC: Cement, liquid
TCC: No special type of cargo code applicable
SHC: Other or no special handling required (sh)
ADC: Shipment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 84 inches in any dimension.
ACC: Chemical corps items and all other chemicals not covered in other classificatons. note: when an item has a chemical proper shipp
ASH: No special handling required.

Management Codes:

CTL: 9B----- (MOE: DN)
AAC: Not stocked, centrally procured # (non-stocked items). imm/service centrally managed but not stocked item. procurement will be initiated only after receipt of a requisition.
QUP: 1
SLC: 12 months

Questions & Answers:

What are the historical prices recorded for this stock number?
No pre-dated pricing for this NSN could be found.
Does NSN 8040-01-296-1793 have a shelf life?
Yes, N/A from cure date.
What NATO entities are users of this NSN?
No recorded entities for this stock number.
How is national stock number 8040-01-296-1793 defined?
A substance compounded for binding materials together by surface attachment. it is not used primarily to fill voids or pores or for sealing purposes. excludes canada balsam; cement, watch jewel; film cement, photographic; gasket cement; and gasket shellac compound.
What is the NIIN of NSN 8040-01-296-1793?
012961793 or 01-296-1793
Does this item require Demilitarization?
Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9).
Is NSN 8040012961793 ITAR controlled?
No. This item is not ITAR Controlled.
What is the most recent solicitation for NSN 8040012961793?
Solicitation SPE8ES19T2122 for qty 10
When was this national stock number assigned to the federal catalog?
Mar 16, 1989

Material Safety



Ld50 lc50 mixture: oral ld50 rat>7.5g/kg.Lc50 rat>250mg/m3.

routes of entry: inhalation: no skin: yes ingestion: no
health hazards acute and chronic: based on physical form, overexposure
by ingestion or inhalation will not occur. Allergic skin reaction
or primary skin irritation may be produced by prolonged or repeated
dermal contact with epoxy res ins. Overexposure to vapor during
heat curing may cause irritation or injury to respiratory tract &
eye irritation. *
effects of overexposure: * overexposure to synthetic amorphous silica
dust by inhal, skin, oral, dermal route not expected to cause
adverse effects. Product contains none of crystalline varieties of
silica known to cause lung disease. Overexposure to glass fibers
causes skin & eye irrit. Inhal of glass fibers may cause resp

First Aid

First aid: in case of skin contact, immediatley wash affected area with
soap and plenty of water. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes.

obtain medical attention. Destroy or thoroughly clean shoes before
reuse. do not reuse contaminated clothing without laundering. In
case of eye contact, immediately irrigate with plenty of water for
15 minutes.

Chemical Properties

Spec gravity: 1.08-1.10
solubility in water: negligible
appearance and odor: blue film, no odor
percent volatiles by volume: neglig


Stability indicator/materials to avoid: yes
no specific incompatibility
stability condition to avoid: none known
hazardous decomposition products: thermal decomposition or combustion
may produce carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide.

conditions to avoid polymerization: polymerization may occur slowly at
room temperature. Store at or below 0 f.

Proper Disposal

Waste disposal methods: disposal must be made in accordance with
applicable governmental regulations.

disclaimer (provided with this information by the compiling agencies):
this information is formulated for use by elements of the department
of defense. the united states of america in no manner whatsoever,
expressly or implied, warrants this information to be accurate and
disclaims all liability for its use. any person utilizing this
document should seek competent professional advice to verify and
assume responsibility for the suitability of this information to their
particular situation.

Ingredients List

Ingred name: glass
fraction by wt: 4.4%
other rec limits: none specified
acgih tlv: 10 mg/m3 ceiling

ingred name: silica, amorphous
cas: 112945-52-5
rtecs #: vv7310000
fraction by wt: 28.5%
other rec limits: none specified
osha pel: 6 mg/m3
acgih tlv: 10 mg/m3

ingred name: epoxy resin
fraction by wt: 60-100%
other rec limits: none specified