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Camouflage And Deception Equipment

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Pivot Stake Assembly 1080-00-091-9451 D6374SH4   TIP00271-19MAY70  
Camouflage Screening System 1080-00-103-1211 13226E1360   MIL-C-53004   MIL-C-52771   170560  
Snow Camouflage Screening System 1080-00-103-1233 13226E1358   SLWRS  
Snow Camouflage Screening System 1080-00-103-1234 13226E1355   SLWRT  
Camouflage Screening System 1080-00-103-1322 13226E1356   MIL-C-53004   170466  
Radar Scattering Hexagon Screen 1080-00-107-8589 13226E0974-2   MIL-C-53004   SHRSW  
Radar Scattering Rhombus Screen 1080-00-107-9206 13226E0973-2   MIL-C-53004   SRRSW  
Wood Radar Scattering Repair Kit 1080-00-108-1114 13226E1351-2   MIL-C-52771-TYPEII KRRSW   KRRSW  
Camouflage Screening Sys Support 1080-00-108-1173 MIL-C-52765   170212   170177   10502795  
Woodland/desert Batten Spreader 1080-00-108-1545 13227E0135-1   MIL-C-52765   SBWD  
Woodland/desert Batten Adapter 1080-00-108-1595 13227E0133-1   MIL-C-52765   ABWD  
Woodla Aluminum Camouflage Stake 1080-00-108-1654 13227E0136   MIL-P-501   184056-0001   DOKT0800-001   SCAWD  
Camouflage Net Supporting Rib 1080-00-242-9429 6374-2   MILC3439  
Camouflage Net Supporting Rib 1080-00-242-9430 6374SH3   MILC3439  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-248-4547 MILN568  
Camouflage Net Re Cable Assembly 1080-00-251-1550 MILC3439  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-252-7964 D6374SH5PC1   MILC3439  
Camouflage Net Support 1080-00-254-8866 104-3A4094T04095  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-256-2496 MILN763TYPE1  
Wire Camouflage Netting 1080-00-260-1376 MILN52136  
Fabric Camouflage Strip 1080-00-277-9536 MILC765AAMEND2TYPE11  
Fabric Camouflage Strip 1080-00-277-9538 MILC765AAMEND2TYPE11  
Fabric Camouflage Strip 1080-00-277-9546 MILC765AAMEND2TYPE11  
Camouflage Net Bag 1080-00-371-7686 104-3A4098  
Field Artille Camouflage Net Set 1080-00-375-8984 MILC20183  
Field Artille Camouflage Net Set 1080-00-375-8987 SET6320050  
Antiaircraft Camouflage Net Set 1080-00-375-8991 MILC3439   SM5-4-1080S06   SC1080-93CLE03  
Camouflage Ne Frame 1080-00-377-0732 104-3A4443MAINFRAMESETN05  
Camouflage Screen Support System 1080-00-556-4954 MIL-C-52765   CSSSS  
Support Aluminum Pole 1080-00-563-6342 13227E0132-1   MIL-C-52765   X-2554C  
Howitzer Decoy Target 1080-00-570-6519 EB306D4904-1T08  
Camouflage Screening Sys Lanyard 1080-00-571-5015 13226E0969   MIL-C-53004   MILC43678   LCSWDA   1080005715015  
Camouflage Support 1080-00-623-7295 X2554  
Bailey Decoy Target 1080-00-650-0198 MILD52165   D9401-1T029   SC1080-97CLE17  
Module 1080-00-701-9851 9401-24A  
Pipe Assembly 1080-00-701-9852 D9401-19A  
Upper Pipe Assembly 1080-00-701-9853 D9401-17A  
Plate 1080-00-701-9854 9401-28-1  
Plate 1080-00-701-9855 D9401-28-3  
Bailey Bridge Decoy Target Post 1080-00-701-9856 9401-2-4   D9401-2-4