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Camouflage And Deception Equipment

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Camouflage Screening Cover 1080-01-539-2993 C19710 DESERT   UPC 021563C19710  
Camouflage Screening Cover 1080-01-539-2994 C19715 WOODLAND   UPC 021563C19715  
Pylon Assembly 1080-00-701-9857 D9401-4  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8086 9401-11H  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8085 9401-11J  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-722-7264 MILN763   TIP00042-20MAR70  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-252-7964 D6374SH5PC1   MILC3439  
Pivot Stake Assembly 1080-00-091-9451 D6374SH4   TIP00271-19MAY70  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-803-9437 101-3D4451   MILC20187  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8074 9401-12K  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8075 9401-12J  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8071 9401-12N  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8077 9401-12G  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-706-7100 69401-12-0   D9401-12-0  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8076 9401-12H  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8073 9401-12L  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8070 9401-12P  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8072 9401-12M  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8069 9401-12Q  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8079 9401-12E  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8080 9401-12D  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8082 9401-12B  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8078 9401-12F  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8061 9401-13H  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8063 9401-13F   D9401-13F  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8066 9401-13C  
Panel Frame Assembly 1080-00-708-8065 9401-13D  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-722-7263 MILN763   TIP00038-19MAR70  
Camouflage Set 1080-01-321-8340 C5090344  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-807-3716 MILN763   TIP00041-19MAR70  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-804-3444 MILN763  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-804-3443 MILN763  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-804-3438 MILN763  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-804-3338 MILN763   TIP00047-20MAR70  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-807-8254 MILN763  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-01-183-4480 13226E0970-3   171767  
Camouflage Net Re Cable Assembly 1080-00-251-1550 MILC3439  
Fiber Camouflage Net 1080-00-256-2496 MILN763TYPE1  
Camouflage Carrying Case 1080-01-524-7721 7082017   Q1500C  
Camouflage Carrying Case 1080-01-563-5360 65DC32BK