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Military Chemical Agents

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Smoke Pot 1365-00-939-6599 D36-2-214   MIL-S-51235   1365-K869  
Smoke Agent 1365-01-367-5695 2A1-002-929   1C1-001-786  
Smoke Pot Fuze 1365-00-025-3280 C36-7-25   MIL-F-11673   1365-K886  
Smoke Pot 1365-01-096-1455 D36-1-26   1365-K867  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-025-3268 D36-1-111   PD196-131-644C0NDITI0NA   1365-K869  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-181-9679 D36-2-214   1365-K869  
Smoke Pot Fuze 1365-00-159-3310 C36-7-25   MIL-F-11673   1365-K886  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-598-5207 E36-1-18   MIL-S-13183   1365-K866  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-833-1712 D36-1-111   1365-K870  
Cn Training Spray Gun 1365-00-092-9975 267708   LD58336  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-383-3886 D11-18-3   MIL-S-11141   1365-K864  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-025-3284 D36-1-108   PD196-131-644C0NDITI0NB   1365-K873  
Disperser And Riot Contr Carrier 1365-00-113-5844 C116-6-230  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-542-0464 344501   LD102925   1365-K874  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-598-5220 C36-1-26   JAN-P-637   1365-K867  
Smoke Pot Fuze 1365-00-025-3279 B36-7-9   MIL-F-11522   1365-K885  
Disperser And Riot Control Agent 1365-00-283-9046 C116-6-271   1365-K532  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-433-3218 DL2128007   1365-K861  
Riot Control Agent 1365-00-926-1914 MIL-C-50090   1365-K768  
Disperser And Riot Control Agent 1365-01-147-6013 B116-6-281   C116-6-271   1365-K532  
Riot Control Agent 1365-00-935-9292 MIL-C-50090   1365-K771  
Disperser And Riot Control Agent 1365-01-168-3693 1033   1365-K535  
Disperser And Riot Control Agent 1365-00-113-5818 C116-6-219   1365-K531  
Riot Control Agent 1365-00-935-6017 196-21-84   1365-K769  
Riot Control Agent 1365-00-038-5194 MIL-C-10338   1365-K510  
Smoke Pot Fuze 1365-00-293-9518 C36-7-36   MIL-F-10915   1365-K887  
Fuel Thickening Solution 1365-01-166-7378 AS1532   1365-K901  
Smoke Pot 1365-00-219-8512 D36-1-1   MIL-P-12030   1365-K865  
Riot Control Agent 1365-00-038-5202 MIL-C-10338   1365-K510  
Disperser And Riot Control Agent 1365-01-003-9143 282   1365-K534  
Riot Control Agent 1365-00-038-5196 MIL-C-10338   1365-K510  
Disperser And Riot Control Agent 1365-00-179-4247 C116-6-219   1365-K531  
Fuel Thickening Solution 1365-00-434-9895 AS1533   1365-K900  
Chemical Agent 1365-00-277-3040 MIL-M-12051   1365-K655  
Riot Control Agent 1365-00-690-8655 MIL-C-50090   1365-K764  
Riot Control Agent 1365-00-383-3909 MIL-P-14240   PD197-54-545   1365-K515  
Riot Control Agent 1365-00-935-6016 MIL-R-51341   PD196-21-84A   1365-K766  
Smoke Pot Fuze 1365-01-564-8799 13018178   1365-K885  
Smoke Agent 1365-01-515-0020 KO4LR  
Smoke Agent 1365-01-515-0021 KO4SR