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Petroleum Production And Distribution Equipment

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NSN 7025-01-068-3280 Display Panel

P-3 aircraft , test system analog ANUSM449 fsc application data, as differentiated by the source control dwg no. Reference number differentiating characteristics

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Training Site Kit 3835-01-438-1165 443140-1   443140  
Fuel Extractor Assy 3835-01-437-9946 440344-1  
Pipeli Pressure Reducing Station 3835-00-290-2259 13220E6840   MIL-V-11583   A8321-1  
Fuel Handling Hoseline Outfit 3835-01-210-4556 13226E8254  
Fuel Handling Hoseline Outfit 3835-01-443-4520 13228E3518  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-01-062-0806 C116-3-73  
Rail Tanker Coupling 3835-01-414-0464 13222E8219-1   13222E8219   UK-3  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-515-6390 MILV11583TYPE2CLASS1  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-383-3725 D8705-1A   MILV11583  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-383-3726 MILV11583TYPE2CLASS1   D8704-1  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-7494 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS1  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-7497 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS1  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-8429 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS1  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-663-7341 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS1  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-663-7340 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS1  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-8441 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS1  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-7488 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS1  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-8430 MILV11583  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-8431 MILV11583  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-8432 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS1   MILV13803TYPEISTYLEACLASS300  
Thr Valved Tee Manifold Assembly 3835-00-996-2329 889746ITEM3   MILM82002  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-7487 MILV11583  
Optional Configuration Tank Farm 3835-01-246-9657 CPL-20087   25586-100   TPT-5357-002  
Pipeline Constr Powered Tong Set 3835-00-906-6501 MIL-T-82097  
Fueling Manifold 3835-01-361-5773 5190138-2  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-8442 MILV11583  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-7493 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS3   85130  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-641-8428 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS2  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-663-4679 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS3  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-663-7338 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS3  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-00-663-7339 MILV11583TYPE1CLASS3  
Pipeline Valve Section 3835-01-459-6945 2982152   CLS-08-27F  
Displacement And Evacuation Kit 3835-01-406-3530 11685992  
Hoseline Flow Control Kit 3835-01-433-4191 13230E5756  
Winch Skid Assembly 3835-01-096-5681 13221E4970  
Roadway Crossing Guard 3835-00-967-9029 13200E4793   MILG52346  
Jtx Training Module 3835-01-435-0199 CPL-MTCB-0001  
Hoseline Suspension Kit 3835-01-195-1901 MIL-PRF-53012A TYPE I   PD-82099   MIL-S-53012  
Fueling Manifold 3835-00-974-1955 MIL-M-82002   889722 ITEM NO. 2  
Fueling Manifold 3835-01-474-6737 73743-100