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Compressors And Vacuum Pumps

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P-3 aircraft , test system analog ANUSM449 fsc application data, as differentiated by the source control dwg no. Reference number differentiating characteristics

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-115-7752 KT850  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-898-9959 MIL-V-27314 CANCELED   MME4310-597   PD05WRGBZREF25   PMU4E  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-704-2849 1397B  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-725-1929 AA585   CGN9-208-1732434  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-01-054-6647 MILC13874   HR2-6M   HR2-6M-2  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-00-720-0956 V2A4MC11  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-01-618-2570 4310NCM138975   MICROBOOST 115   419130   MICROBOOST-D-115  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-115-7753 KT500  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-520-3849 KDH150  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-735-9171 1753N   HL17830PC11  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-00-693-2659 MILC17596  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-403-0888 Z752  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-226-6525 AA760  
Rotary Compressor Unit 4310-00-683-8850 MB-2   28092  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-01-190-0285 MIL-C-52980   ZPC175/5   ZPC1000000  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-618-8954 AA594   506-1938275   506-1938275REVA  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-423-3035 1829AHPX  
Reciprocating Vacuum Pump 4310-00-799-7732 11164-28  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-738-2287 6439X  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-374-9511 KKA38270   17296   38270  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-01-443-6257 K180USGOVT   IK180   K180  
Compressor Piston 4310-00-608-8521 AH8-439   P80896  
Exhaust-intake Pneumatic Muffler 4310-01-336-7023 SDF-L10-31-132-16-0  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-00-693-2653 PD10WRGBGBEA02   MIL-C-26811  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-735-9172 1754N   HL17830PC19  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-383-6169 ROD155B   1216N   HL-13283  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-871-1673 6442C   6442X   4SC1079  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-152-7079 2P144  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-738-0042 32262438   3R22593   3R22593-B  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-781-4789 48199  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-01-016-4191 PMU620  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-871-6918 6655X  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-00-069-1975 MILSTD431   MILC13874   B321C  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-895-7800 6442HP   6442HPX   4SC1078   40201  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-375-4271 1261A   1261AHPCX   1261AHPX   1261AX   B-5561-013  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-217-2820 P80427   P80427-4   156/56   P80427-3  
331698PC67   2AP8DSSHCPC67  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-01-041-3152 A7-C882   D952ITEM2  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-168-3743 14775N   HL12011ITEM1   R0D63A  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-055-1636 24103  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-01-057-3007 8011B   200136UPC14