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Compressors And Vacuum Pumps

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-115-7752 KT850  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-898-9959 MIL-V-27314 CANCELED   MME4310-597   PD05WRGBZREF25   PMU4E  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-704-2849 1397B  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-725-1929 AA585   CGN9-208-1732434  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-01-054-6647 MILC13874   HR2-6M   HR2-6M-2  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-00-720-0956 V2A4MC11  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-01-618-2570 4310NCM138975   MICROBOOST 115   419130   MICROBOOST-D-115  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-115-7753 KT500  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-520-3849 KDH150  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-735-9171 1753N   HL17830PC11  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-00-693-2659 MILC17596  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-403-0888 Z752  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-226-6525 AA760  
Rotary Compressor Unit 4310-00-683-8850 MB-2   28092  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-01-190-0285 MIL-C-52980   ZPC175/5   ZPC1000000  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-00-618-8954 AA594   506-1938275   506-1938275REVA  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-423-3035 1829AHPX  
Reciprocating Vacuum Pump 4310-00-799-7732 11164-28  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-738-2287 6439X  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-374-9511 KKA38270   17296   38270  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-01-443-6257 K180USGOVT   IK180   K180  
Compressor Piston 4310-00-608-8521 AH8-439   P80896  
Exhaust-intake Pneumatic Muffler 4310-01-336-7023 SDF-L10-31-132-16-0  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-00-693-2653 PD10WRGBGBEA02   MIL-C-26811  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-735-9172 1754N   HL17830PC19  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-383-6169 ROD155B   1216N   HL-13283  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-871-1673 6442C   6442X   4SC1079  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-152-7079 2P144  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-738-0042 32262438   3R22593   3R22593-B  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-781-4789 48199  
Rotary Vacuum Pump Unit 4310-01-016-4191 PMU620  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-871-6918 6655X  
Reciprocating Compressor Unit 4310-00-069-1975 MILSTD431   MILC13874   B321C  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-895-7800 6442HP   6442HPX   4SC1078   40201  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-375-4271 1261A   1261AHPCX   1261AHPX   1261AX   B-5561-013  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-217-2820 P80427   P80427-4   156/56   P80427-3  
331698PC67   2AP8DSSHCPC67  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-01-041-3152 A7-C882   D952ITEM2  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-168-3743 14775N   HL12011ITEM1   R0D63A  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-00-055-1636 24103  
Piston Connecting Rod 4310-01-057-3007 8011B   200136UPC14