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Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, And Railing Fittings

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NSN 4730-00-012-0925 Tube To Boss Straight Adapter

3A 2ND end thread class, external seat for gasket seal (boss) 2ND end connection style, threaded external boss 2ND end connection type

NSN 4730-00-012-0704 Tube Coupling Nut

2B thread class, right-hand , machined fabrication method, tube coupling nut style, 0.750" nut height, 0.375" width across flats

NSN 4730-00-012-0497 Pipe Nipple

Plain (pipe) all ends connection style, threaded external pipe all ends connection type, 0.250" all ends thread size

NSN 4730-00-011-9922 Pipe Bushing

1/4-18 external thread size, 1/8-27 internal thread size, anpt external screw thread series, right-hand external thread direction

NSN 4730-00-011-9842 Hydraulic Swivel Joint

Rcres, 3000 psi operating pressure, M65 degrees f to P275 degrees f operating temperature, 0.250 in.Tube od, one fitting per MS33657E4, one fitting per MS33656E4, 10 degrees msialignment, 0.687 in.Wrench flats, MIL-H-5606 operating medium

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Pipe Union 4730-00-240-1679 694   ASMEB16.39-18-T-A   PT18   FIG463-2INCH   10522-4  
1280   WWU531-18TA  
Pipe Union 4730-00-240-1674 WWU531-13TA   D11080-7-8   694 1/2 GALV   F1G18   PT18  
Swivel Flange To Hose Elbow 4730-00-273-6566 MS27230-32   621-32S   628-32D   9845-32D   148-39632  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-524-7021 MS21941-4L4   ER01351  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-524-7022 MS21941-6L4   ER01353   3446195  
Pipe Union 4730-00-240-1678 1-1-2   B16.39   ASMEB16.39-17-T-A   BM11352-151   PT18  
10522-1   PT1280   WWU531-17TA  
Fluid Pressur Multiple Connector 4730-00-436-2646 6167114  
Swivel Flange To Hose Elbow 4730-01-046-4671 MS27058-10   MIL-DTL-27272  
Swivel Flange To Hose Elbow 4730-00-288-9526 148-47578-16   MS28749D16   148-39616   628-16D  
9845-16   R2000-16-45  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-287-5177 1292090-101  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-288-0572 1284725-105   1284725-101  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-438-0687 A51G10507-1  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-945-2546 MS21941-10H6  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-348-5335 725992  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-776-0032 9194845  
Pipe Union 4730-00-240-1676 1280   694SIZE1IN   694-1IN   WWU531-15TA   PT1280  
5914A8CG   PT18   10522-2  
Pipe Union 4730-00-223-7079 B16.39   ASMEB16.39-37-T-A   WWU531-37TA  
Pipe Union 4730-00-223-7078 B16.39   1621-100   MS90521-36A   ASMEB16.39-36-T-A   554(1/2INCH)  
WWU531-36-T-B   WWU531-36TA  
Pipe Union 4730-01-031-0516 ASME B16.39-12TA   WWU531-12TA  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-632-0470 MS21940-6H  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-632-0471 MS21940-10H   ER01260  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-287-5111 1283688-101  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-684-6417 MS21951-6L  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-720-1251 105-01208   MS21949-8L   S3386398L8  
Swivel Flange To Hose Elbow 4730-00-541-2779 MS28749D20-24   MILF5070   148-39622   9845-20-24D  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-990-8150 MS21952-10H4  
Swivel Flange To Hose Elbow 4730-00-969-6658 MS27066-16C  
Pipe Union 4730-00-240-1677 ASME B16.39   PT1280   ASMEB16.39-16TA   BM11383-32   PT18  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-632-0467 MS21939-6H4   S3386349H6-4   ER01320  
Pipe Union 4730-00-889-6845 WWU531-11TA   463 1-4GALV  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-632-0469 MS21939-6H6   ER01322   3386349H6-6  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-560-1132 MS21940-5L   ER01245  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-627-1365 MS21939-5L4   ER01305  
Pipe Union 4730-00-839-7486 ASME B16.39   1280 1-2 2 1-2IN   ASMEB16.39-19-T-A   WW-U-531   WWU531-19TA  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-684-4707 MS21939-8H4   ER01324  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-544-0849 MS21939-8H6   ER01326  
Pipe Union 4730-00-839-7487 WWU531-20TA   1280 1-2 3G  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-618-8360 MS21940-8L   ER01248  
Pipe Union 4730-00-240-1675 ASME B16.39   PT18   PT1280   WWU531-14TA  
Swivel Flange To Hose Elbow 4730-00-969-6655 MS27066-8C   MIL-DTL-27272