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Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, And Railing Fittings

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NSN 4730-00-021-1802 Pipe To Tube Straight Adapter

2A 1ST end thread class, 400.0 degrees Fahrenheit single response operating temp, Grumman A-10 aircraft

NSN 4730-00-021-1788 Boss Reducer

2A 2ND end thread class, concentric reducer type, external seat for gasket seal (boss) 2ND end connection style, threaded external boss 2ND end connection type

NSN 4730-00-021-1767 Tube To Boss Elbow

2A all ends thread class, 250.0 degrees Fahrenheit single response operating temp, Grumman A10 aircraft

NSN 4730-00-021-1173 Tube Elbow

3A 2ND end thread class, flared (tube) 2ND end connection style, 1.090" 2ND end leg length, threaded external tube 1ST end connection type

NSN 4730-00-021-0039 Tube Elbow

3A all ends thread class, flared (tube) all ends connection style, 1.062" all ends leg length, threaded external tube all ends connection type

NSN 4730-00-020-9974 Tube To Boss Elbow

2A all ends thread class, 107.2 degrees Fahrenheit single response operating temp, 02N strategic weapon systems (poseidon

NSN 4730-00-020-9293 Quick Disconnect Coupling Half

2.000" all ends pipe size accommodated, cam-locking all ends quick disconnect method, plain all ends connection style, 3.750" leg length

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Pipe To Tube Tee 4730-00-943-7175 MS51512A12S   MILF18866   12SBTXSS   4592488 ITEM 94   MS51512B12S   4592488  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-287-5115 1284841-113  
Tube Tee 4730-01-048-3484 NAS1763-080806  
Tube Tee 4730-01-048-3490 NAS1764   AS18280   NAS1764-080606  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-01-490-3265 4730NR0287  
Swivel Flange To Hose Elbow 4730-00-277-7578 MS28744-20   9390-20S  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-626-0645 117PM10019-1  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-200-0442 117171R1   8710709   F11257   F11257D  
FC11257   FC11257D   8710675  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-013-1839 2662493  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-313-5875 20537  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-522-4187 5224187   A224187  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-021-7903 3H20034-101  
Tube To Hose Straight Adapter 4730-00-842-2204 MS24587-32  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-338-3765 MS21939-4L4   ER01304  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-01-166-3160 200887209  
Quick Disconne Coupling Assembly 4730-00-433-2585 155-10D   44A10-1  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-01-141-8869 4057336  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-735-0407 7350407   2263869  
Packing Nut 4730-00-090-3076 2500-0034-1  
Swivel Flange T Straight Adapter 4730-00-603-0650 MS28748D20   148-39420   9844-20D  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-735-0406 7350406   2264536  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-620-6469 S4556607-509   105-01716   105-01712-6   AFP204-6  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-308-3322 272-4500050  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-756-2290 11162-11-4  
Tube Elbow 4730-01-071-7318 14-57214-1  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-729-6437 7412079   2253937   F11409A   FC11409A   4730007296437  
Tube Tee 4730-01-072-3358 MS51853-19   MIL-F-18866   16S6BU-S  
Pipe Bushing 4730-00-194-0207 AS4842   3152-1-3-8-1-2D   AN912-4D   AS4861D04   MIL-F-5509  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-132-3176 206-040-246-1  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-588-2003 578629-1   578629  
Tube To Boss Tee 4730-01-271-8955 J514   6S5OX-SS   6-6-6 070429S   45792606 ITEM 40  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-618-8362 ER01703   US1098  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-01-026-8702 3164813-1  
Fluid Passage Bolt 4730-00-056-2268 582364  
Sediment Strainer 4730-01-432-2967 C634AD999SHT2   117724   C634AD999   070575-1  
Quick Disconne Coupling Assembly 4730-00-756-9499 MS24333-A-6   MIL-C-25427   3200-6   AS24333   AS24333-A-6  
AS25427   511514-2   MS24333-X-6  
Tube Tee 4730-00-448-9505 MS21912-5  
Tube To Boss Tee 4730-01-369-9052 1410M73P03   1410M73  
Pipe To Tube Tee 4730-00-278-5126 AS4842/1   AS5198   332-0228-000   AS5198W040204   MS20826-4D  
6700357   213699-4D  
Tube To Boss Tee 4730-00-334-5781 DLG231W161016   4671146W161016   VSF1238W161016   STSPB231W161016   ER231W161016  
GA7418W161016   2-02295W161016