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Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Interface Device 4920-00-003-3761 BC19-101  
Interface Device 4920-00-003-3763 BF17-101  
Interface Device 4920-00-003-3764 BF18-101  
Interface Device 4920-00-003-3768 BF29-101  
Bench Test Set 4920-00-003-3770 AE24M24   A2140G2  
Module Test Set 4920-00-003-3771 AE24M25   A2245   A2245G700  
Electrical Cable Assembly Set 4920-00-003-3772 A2251  
Cable Adapter 4920-00-003-3773 B584  
Test Adapter Set 4920-00-003-3774 128SEAV19017-1  
Relay Adapter Set 4920-00-003-3775 128SEAV19016-1  
Patch Panel Interce 4920-00-003-3777 BE12-101  
Protector 4920-00-003-3786 S6170-50101-65  
Interface Device 4920-00-003-3796 BF16-101  
Angle Check Fixture 4920-00-003-3811 21C1642P01  
Jack Tester Adapter 4920-00-003-3812 4SE00226  
Grinder Wheel 4920-00-003-4287 9419M80P05  
Carrier Cover 4920-00-003-5566 PWA30896   CPWA30896  
Interface Device Accessory Set 4920-00-003-5567 2129321-1  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5568 PWA50554  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5569 PWA50556  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5570 PWA50569   PWA50569K  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5571 PWA50573  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5572 PWA50608   PWA50608C  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5573 PWA50612   PWA50612A  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5575 PWA50478  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5576 PWA50476  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5578 PWA50472  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5579 PWA50474  
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5580 289365-1  
Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-5581 68D050012-1001   CD05A1502-32  
Engine Ai Modulator 4920-00-003-6118 LTCT10471-14  
Interface Device 4920-00-003-6336 BC27-101  
E Special Purpose Cable Assembly 4920-00-003-6337 BF35-101  
Interface Device 4920-00-003-6339 BF05-101  
Adapter Assembly 4920-00-003-6342 320AS279-1  
Compression Fixture 4920-00-003-6343 PWA24419  
Angle Of Attack Va Alignment Set 4920-00-003-6344 215-00112-28  
Interface Device 4920-00-003-6346 BF02-101  
Tool Assembly Rear 4920-00-003-6686 1C2770-4G1  
Aircr Engine Maintenance Fixture 4920-00-003-7106 PWA51284