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Miscellaneous Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Degreaser 4940-00-422-1774 M83831   16   MIL-B-83831  
Paint Spray Outfit 4940-00-407-0671 MILS0015297  
Paint Spray Outfit 4940-00-255-8683 MILS0015297   50-6609   E2   E2A  
Trail Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-249-7315 MIL-PRF-32032   MILC4036STYLE1   QM120  
Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-278-9627 MIL-C-22894   B0E600R  
Self-propelle Servicing Platform 4940-01-489-0739 450A   AA60004-45FT  
Spraying Booth 4940-01-364-5528 ST16-8-T  
Trail Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-01-357-7962 5/3000GHOT  
Self-propelle Servicing Platform 4940-01-504-9785 101397   17G013112-1   Z45/25J BI-ENERGY  
Trail Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-396-1660 MIL-C-4036   HRMAC  
Paint Spray Outfit 4940-00-214-1671 NM616  
Paint Spray Outfit 4940-00-294-9521 39-9A   OOS2927-01   OO-S-2927   50-7064   MIL-S-15297C TYPE A  
Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-341-4032 LHRAC   LHRACTYPEB3   LHR  
Self-propelle Servicing Platform 4940-01-385-1794 AMZ50E   17G013099-1   3533830  
Paint Spray Outfit 4940-00-240-7587 MIL-S-15297   NCB604  
Hydraul Rod Type Universal Press 4940-00-255-8851 18-36   MILP3815  
Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-268-9789 MIL-C-22894   MILC4035   AR00RD   AR0RD   HR0RD  
QM120   LHR0RD   LHRAC  
Blast Cleaning Machine 4940-01-387-6119 MB1000-1  
Hose Reel Assembly 4940-01-493-8991 TMWSS219   SHW-N-150  
Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-396-1659 50395D   ARMACB  
Trail Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-905-0743 MILC82033  
Trail Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-01-364-0300 MIL-PRF-32032   HS-0404-US2T  
Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-693-2646 MIL-C-22894   MIL-C-4035  
Paint Spray Outfit 4940-00-529-9310
Self-propelle Servicing Platform 4940-01-494-7913 TB42  
Self-propelle Servicing Platform 4940-01-579-0510 AA60004-II   MIL-HDBK-300(AGE-P)   HB62   HB68   HB62 D LB  
Trail Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-152-7091 MIL-C-4036   33B2CC  
Self-propelle Servicing Platform 4940-01-144-4976 SP1630  
Self-propelle Servicing Platform 4940-01-506-0344 400S  
Portable Hydraulic Press 4940-00-360-2752 MIL-P-12199   S71   S71P0RT0P0WER  
Spray Gun Parts Kit 4940-01-502-3920 PT-225  
Trail Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-130-8441 MIL-C-4036   33B2CB  
Trail Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-00-014-0496 J0M1   JP1937  
Fluid Tank And Pump 4940-01-604-4568 ATX-2PS  
Trail Pressure Jet Steam Cleaner 4940-01-146-0857 AHP1000D  
Degreaser 4940-01-035-8514 AUC-700   AUC-T-8/B  
Hydraulic Hose Assemb Repair Kit 4940-00-015-2970 MILR45567   GK200  
Railway Valve Testing Rack 4940-00-264-4011 511588   511657WITH1A69566  
Self-propelle Servicing Platform 4940-01-435-6134 3533830-501   17G013106-1  
Finishing-mat Pressure-feed Tank 4940-00-251-6478 RRC550TY2SIZE1   QMGT-5211   PQM5504-4