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NSN 5310-00-019-5514 Lock Washer

Split helical-right hand

NSN 5310-00-019-5433 Hexagon Plain Nut

2B thread class, right-hand , 0.125" nut counterbore diameter, hexagon nut style, 0.125" nut height, 1 tapped hole type and quantity

NSN 5310-00-019-5428 Lock Washer

0.102" hole diameter, 0.188" outside diameter, 0.020" material thickness, steel comp 302 material, MIL-S-5059 military specification single material response material document and classification

NSN 5310-00-019-5397 Assembled Washer Plain Nut

2B thread class, right-hand , 2.670" washer outside diameter, 1.310" height, recessed nut style, 0.620" nut height, 0.070" drilled hole diameter

NSN 5310-00-019-4668 Plain Slotted Hexagon Nut

2B thread class, right-hand , slotted, hexagon nut style, 0.375" nut height, 0.942" width across flats, unf thread series, 18 thread quantity per inch

NSN 5310-00-019-3981 Flat Washer

Rectangular cross-sectional shape style, 0.560" hole diameter, square peripheral shape style, 1 round center hole shape style, 0.187" thickness

NSN 5310-00-019-3413 Convex Washer

0.311" hole diameter, 0.572" outside diameter, 0.133" material thickness, T-4 solution heat treated, natural aged heat treated

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-087-0764 BACN10JQ33   MF19058-3-3BAC   BRFM22A3-3   NS103201-02-3   VN253A02-3  
RMF9206M-3-3   MT8260S1032S-3  
Clinch Plain Nut 5310-00-146-8432 34A5897-2   JH4-22  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-00-964-0878 10605313   NAS1473A3   A2502-02   FMA2502-02  
Assembled Washe Self-locking Nut 5310-00-151-5431 MS21224-4   F12N7699-428   NE8235-4  
Hexagon Plain Nut 5310-00-260-7795 MILB857TYPE3STYLEA0RB  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-255-0105 K39589-3-2   NS103387-02-2   BACN10RL3B2   S2B-32  
BR1020A2-3   9610D-02-2   BACN10LE-B32   2000-B32  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-533-2970 NS202902-4-3   03A215-4-3   MF52942-4DL3  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-533-3146 NS202902-4-4   03A215-4-4L   MF52942-4DL4  
Sleeve Nut 5310-01-143-4093
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-395-6644 BACN10JZ6A2U   BACN10JZ6A2  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-122-4729 BR1020A1-3   NS103387-02-1   BR10201-3   BACN10RL3B1   K39589-3-1  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-533-3186 NS202789-4-4E   03A231-4-4L   F53004-4-4  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-445-6473 F52866-3-51   F52866A3-51A   NS202822A3-51   03A243A3-51A  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-00-390-0518 MTPH65C832CK  
Extended Washer Self-locking Nut 5310-01-482-6452 MS14144-8  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-445-7642 F52866-3-13   F52866A3-13A   NS202822A3-13   03A243A3-13A  
Round Plain Nut 5310-00-649-8226 204-010-420-1   204-010-420-001  
Wing Plain Nut 5310-01-140-7299 1901749 ITEM 16   FF-N-845   5640 ITEM 16  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-244-2258 NAS1474R3  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-247-9379 NAS1473R5  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-00-070-1994 579R225H06   T4472-832SK1  
Assembled Washe Self-locking Nut 5310-01-522-7877 NE8235-10  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-232-9772 BACN10JZ7A2   NS103224-070   RMF9219-7  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-248-1964 NAS1474R4   10110213  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-353-3638 NS202774-5   4085-65051-103  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-353-3639 NS202774-3   4085-65051-101  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-353-3637 4085-65051-102   NS202774-4  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-533-8700 F52866-3-10   NS202822-3-10   03A243-3-10  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-445-7648 F52866-3-31   F52866A3-31A   NS202822A3-31   03A243A3-31A  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-310-5252 NAS1474F3  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-067-8545 NS103800-02   GN502AF3   MF1834-3  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-342-7248 F39881-4   3D0129-4  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-028-4445 F29345-4BAC   BACN10JZ4B2   RMF9220-4  
Hexagon Slotted Plain Nut 5310-00-275-9453 7376063   203571   536B1   SG1263  
Gang C Self-locking Nut Assembly 5310-01-283-2695 MS21064L3-12-2   G1981-3-12-2   NAS1035A12-2   NAS689A12-2  
Gang C Self-locking Nut Assembly 5310-01-283-2696 MS21064L3-8-2   G1981-3-8-2   NAS1035A8-2   NAS689A8-2  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-381-9623 MIL-N-25027   NAS1474R08  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-207-7561 K39585-3-2   BR2020A2-3   NS103386-02-2   BACN10RL3A2  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-212-2284 BR20201-3   BACN10RL3A1   K39585-3-1   NS103386-02-1  
Plate Self-locking Nut 5310-01-028-4444 RMF9219-4   F1968-4BAC   NS103224-048   BACN10JZ4A2