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NSN 5342-00-019-3755 Weapon System Resilient Mount

Feat criticality code justification, weapon system essential , unable to decode unable to decode

NSN 5342-00-019-1985 Clipspring

J-52 aircraft engine

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9569 ST7M272-550   3389AA550   VC1214-550   MVB69824-0550  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9568 ST7M272-500   3389AA500  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9567 ST7M272-450   3389AA450   VC1214-450   MVB69828-0450  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-376-8681 ST7M272-350   MVB69824-0350   3389AA350   1214-350  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9387 3302AC200   MV69823-0200   ST7M272-200   MVB69823-0200   313203C-281-SE   MVB669823-0200  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-376-8647 3302AC150   ST7M272-150   313203C-231-SE   MVB69823-0150   10117785  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9570 ST7M272-600   3389AA600   MVB69824-600   VC1214-600   MVB69824-0600  
Quick Release Pin Receptacle 5342-01-333-8174 50091-18   841590-1  
Quick Release Pin Receptacle 5342-01-332-8040 55091-10   841590-3  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-316-9240 ST7M276-150   2320-150   C7883-150S   52242AE150   VR1026-150  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-331-4797 12344047   ST7M276-200L   VR1025-200   2703-200   GC550FF200A  
10117784   NM155006-0200   NM155004-0200   C7882-200   52241AB200  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-277-9794 MVT69329  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-157-4624 4346C481M   4141E481Z   GC550M400   414104E-481-Z  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-801-0165 52270-1795  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-137-3293 2145600ASSY8TYPEB   2145600MT8TYB   803-2145600-8 TY B  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-686-5778 MVT64148-100  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-801-0149 50091C1988   DMU5207C1988M   DMU5207-1988M  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-316-9180 GC550FF250A   NM155004-0250   52241AB250   VR1025-250   ST7M276-250L  
2703-250   7D0073-250  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-049-1551 HT21194-35   41-00194-002  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-182-3987 MVT68758   LTCT21827-01  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-00-501-9728 UT2-100  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-181-6245 A410A055-101   93015-5   J-15461-56  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-321-9551 AS1895/1E250   ST7M276-250   VR1026-250   2320-250   AS1895/1  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-185-3048 HT01241-5   23914H5   ST9M626H5  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-00-860-3765 125500   3426-1  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-087-4786 HT21195-80   582R603H01  
Quick Release Pin Receptacle 5342-01-306-7927 3M975-4C1-290   52171A4C1-290   13QRP10-4C2-290   LW1764-4C1-290  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-094-8283 HT21198-50   582R541H02  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-801-1486 4450-10-034M   4450-1003M   4450C1003M   PL405550-01-01 FN 29   405769-01  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-169-3048 23914-H2   ST9M626H2   HT01241-2  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-098-3612 HT21198-80   582R541H01  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-338-8561 T44-X45   5907516  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-303-4008 E21-X-O47   11448108  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-00-911-7786 HT1749-10   ST9M426H10   HT1-749-1023  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-112-1937 J-14883-20   9M682-24  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-113-3836 J-14883-19   9M682-18  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-536-6174 3214AB687  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-201-6905 24767-1   9M870-10  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-01-143-7517 ST7M271-550   NM135032-0550   10J77-550  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-01-173-5518 10J77-425   NM135032-0425   ST7M271-425   VC1234-425