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NSN 5342-00-113-3666 Weapon System Resilient Mount

0.249" inside diameter, unable to decode unable to decode, 0.890" bushing length, unable to decode unable to decode, 1.062" height

NSN 5342-00-113-1940 Grooved Clamp Coupling

Grooved retainer cross-sectional shape style, 5.890" inside diameter, 0.090" retainer thickness, single latch style, 110.0 included angle in deg

NSN 5342-00-113-1637 Weapon System Resilient Mount

0.168" inside diameter, 0.031" flange thickness, 1.414" distance between mounting hole centers, 1.664" flange length, 0.438" flange width

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9569 ST7M272-550   3389AA550   VC1214-550   MVB69824-0550  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9568 ST7M272-500   3389AA500  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9567 ST7M272-450   3389AA450   VC1214-450   MVB69828-0450  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-376-8681 ST7M272-350   MVB69824-0350   3389AA350   1214-350  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9387 3302AC200   MV69823-0200   ST7M272-200   MVB69823-0200   313203C-281-SE   MVB669823-0200  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-376-8647 3302AC150   ST7M272-150   313203C-231-SE   MVB69823-0150   10117785  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-364-9570 ST7M272-600   3389AA600   MVB69824-600   VC1214-600   MVB69824-0600  
Quick Release Pin Receptacle 5342-01-333-8174 50091-18   841590-1  
Quick Release Pin Receptacle 5342-01-332-8040 55091-10   841590-3  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-316-9240 ST7M276-150   2320-150   C7883-150S   52242AE150   VR1026-150  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-331-4797 12344047   ST7M276-200L   VR1025-200   2703-200   GC550FF200A  
10117784   NM155006-0200   NM155004-0200   C7882-200   52241AB200  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-277-9794 MVT69329  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-157-4624 4346C481M   4141E481Z   GC550M400   414104E-481-Z  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-801-0165 52270-1795  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-137-3293 2145600ASSY8TYPEB   2145600MT8TYB   803-2145600-8 TY B  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-686-5778 MVT64148-100  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-801-0149 50091C1988   DMU5207C1988M   DMU5207-1988M  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-316-9180 GC550FF250A   NM155004-0250   52241AB250   VR1025-250   ST7M276-250L  
2703-250   7D0073-250  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-049-1551 HT21194-35   41-00194-002  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-182-3987 MVT68758   LTCT21827-01  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-00-501-9728 UT2-100  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-181-6245 A410A055-101   93015-5   J-15461-56  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-321-9551 AS1895/1E250   ST7M276-250   VR1026-250   2320-250   AS1895/1  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-185-3048 HT01241-5   23914H5   ST9M626H5  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-00-860-3765 125500   3426-1  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-087-4786 HT21195-80   582R603H01  
Quick Release Pin Receptacle 5342-01-306-7927 3M975-4C1-290   52171A4C1-290   13QRP10-4C2-290   LW1764-4C1-290  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-094-8283 HT21198-50   582R541H02  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-801-1486 4450-10-034M   4450-1003M   4450C1003M   PL405550-01-01 FN 29   405769-01  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-169-3048 23914-H2   ST9M626H2   HT01241-2  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-098-3612 HT21198-80   582R541H01  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-338-8561 T44-X45   5907516  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-303-4008 E21-X-O47   11448108  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-00-911-7786 HT1749-10   ST9M426H10   HT1-749-1023  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-112-1937 J-14883-20   9M682-24  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-113-3836 J-14883-19   9M682-18  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-00-536-6174 3214AB687  
Weapon System Resilient Mount 5342-01-201-6905 24767-1   9M870-10  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-01-143-7517 ST7M271-550   NM135032-0550   10J77-550  
Grooved Clamp Coupling 5342-01-173-5518 10J77-425   NM135032-0425   ST7M271-425   VC1234-425