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Bridges, Fixed And Floating

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Raft Loading Ramp 5420-00-355-6948 13208E9891   MILR52105   D5271-11-1T020   DL13208E9891   D13208E9891-1T03  
Fixed Bri Link Reinforcement Set 5420-01-139-1503 SC5420-98-E56   13229E6800   SC5420-97CLE56   SC 5420-97-E56  
Ribbon Bridge Transporter 5420-00-071-5321 2280   MILT52735   13219E4111  
Aft Port Slide 5420-00-011-6240 13216E9819   PL13216E9807FN4   7899-25A4  
Hydraulic Tester Adapter Kit 5420-00-172-8715 13207E3379  
Floating Bridge 5420-01-316-2587 89001A0008   89001A008  
Pontoon Float 5420-00-292-9805 DL13212E3020   MILP11386  
Over Cylinder Pin 5420-00-542-3096 13214E0018   D11524-20-3  
Bay Leak Test Tool 5420-00-214-7496 13219E4303  
Interior Bow Ponton 5420-00-507-7060 13218E4004   MIL-B-52734  
Swin Cylinder Pin 5420-00-542-3102 13214E0006   D11524-37-2  
Long Transverse Brace 5420-00-451-2658 13217E2177  
Transverse Short Brace 5420-00-451-2659 13217E2178  
Swing Boom Pin 5420-00-542-3101 13214E0005   D11524-37-1  
Bridge Footwalk 5420-01-081-3244 13220E5745  
Tong Cylinder Pin 5420-00-542-3105 13214E0028   D11524-49-5   980840  
Plunger Assy Pin 5420-01-179-7311 13220E0032  
Saddle Pin Assembly 5420-00-319-0127 13211E7564   MIL-S-12840   D2774SH4PTS5  
Linear Actuating Cylinder Piston 5420-00-466-7392 13218E4074  
Extrusion Deck 5420-00-496-9607 13211E7816-1  
Rh Tie-down Hook 5420-00-552-7388 13219E4200  
Spring Holder Assembly 5420-00-933-5994 13208E9874A  
Ponton Coupling Pin Assembly 5420-00-542-4728 13216E9822   MIL-P-52706   B11521-1A   MIL-P-52076  
Bay Drive Pin Wrench 5420-01-030-5815 13218E4347   BBD15021  
Hydraulic Cylinder Test Fixture 5420-00-537-8831 13218E4319  
Pin Latch Assembly 5420-01-045-1770 13218E4360  
Bridge Curb Pin 5420-00-542-4726 13216E9619   MIL-B-52706   MILP52076TYPE2   B11519-1A  
Steel Stringer Span 5420-01-064-2619 MKSKS56  
Spring Support Rod 5420-00-552-7373 13219E4189  
Latch Receptacle 5420-01-048-3389 13218E4198  
Abuttment Grillage 5420-01-549-4416 AB901  
Rocking Roller 5420-01-081-3260 13222E2890  
Steel Stringer Span 5420-01-054-4293 MKSKD31  
Inner Flanged Hub 5420-00-137-1738 227300  
Bell Crank 5420-01-041-7213 13218E4385  
Interior Bay 5420-01-472-8551 BRG10000  
Bailey Bridge Parts And Tool Bag 5420-01-368-7572 90001A3238  
Connecting Pin 5420-00-466-7384 13218E4370  
Ponton Latch Tee 5420-00-507-7051 13218E4357  
Ramp Bay 5420-01-472-8577 BRG11000