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Roofing And Siding Materials

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Roofing Felt 5650-00-585-0169
Roofing Felt 5650-00-270-1487 ASTM D6380   ASTM D249   SS-R-630   A-A-2007  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-270-1488 ASTM D6380   ASTM D249   SS-R-630   A-A-2007  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-079-4869 ASTM D6380   SS-R-630 TY1   ASTM D249   SS-R-630  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-935-5711 ASTM D6380   ASTM D249   SS-R-630   A-A-2007  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-171-4707 ASTM D226-T2   HH-R-595  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-231-5217 SSR630  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-171-4726 ASTM D6380 TY4   SS-R-501 TY3   ASTM D224 TY1   SS-R-501  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-171-4725 ASTM D6380 TY3   SS-R-501 TY4   ASTM D224 TY2   SS-R-501  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-171-4706 ASTM D226 TY1   HH-R-595   A-A-1704  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-270-1496 ASTM D226 TY2   HH-R-595   A-A-1704  
Roofing Felt 5650-01-504-5373 W56R452010   W563581732  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-270-1485 ASTM D227   HH-R-595   A-A-1704  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-514-4474 ASTM D2626   D2626   SS-R-501  
Roofing Felt 5650-00-270-1483 ASTM D250   A-A-1705   HH-R-590  
Roofing Metal 5650-01-061-2753 29 GUAGE  
Roofing Metal 5650-00-727-4372 1C8LBS  
Roofing Shingle 5650-01-229-7538 ASTM D3018   34   ASTM D3018 TY1  
Asphalt Organic Fiber Shingle 5650-00-270-1506 SSS300TYPE2  
Asphalt Organic Fiber Shingle 5650-00-079-4870 SSS298  
Asphalt Organic Fiber Shingle 5650-00-527-8799
Corrugated Aluminum Sheet 5650-00-068-1147 ALUMINUMC0RRUGATEDR00FINGSHEET  
Corrugated Aluminum Sheet 5650-00-068-1146 ALUMINUMC0RRUGATEDR00FINGSHEET  
Mop Roofing 5650-01-372-4479 J121232  
Roofing Felt 5650-01-597-1770 5650-00-270-1488  
Roofing Felt 5650-01-597-1773 5650-00-514-4474  
Roofing Felt 5650-01-615-9098 USFORA 5650-00-079-4869  
Roofing Lead Washer 5650-00-969-5305 N15LW  
Roofing Felt 5650-01-372-4518 30-1536P  
Sight Glass 5650-01-132-9445 026-02634   26-2634