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Communications Security Equipment And Components

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NSN 7025-01-068-3280 Display Panel

P-3 aircraft , test system analog ANUSM449 fsc application data, as differentiated by the source control dwg no. Reference number differentiating characteristics

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Power Supply 5810-00-976-2368 0N096844  
Electronic Equi Installation Kit 5810-01-115-9121 PPL5256   MK-2124/VRC  
Encryption-decryption Equipment 5810-01-463-0135 0N649470-2   TL-49470-2   KG-175-2  
Secure Unit Telephone 5810-01-568-6699 VIPS1000XA   VIPC1000-XA-MDM   FNBE21- PSTN  
Encryption-decryption Equipment 5810-01-547-4520 MC-10901-2   02-2792097-1   KG-175D  
E Special Purpose Cable Assembly 5810-01-051-4419 0N008471-7  
E Special Purpose Cable Assembly 5810-01-049-5079 0N008471-2  
E Special Purpose Cable Assembly 5810-01-051-0141 0N008471-6  
E Special Purpose Cable Assembly 5810-01-050-1589 0N008471-5  
Receiver-transmitter Radio 5810-01-520-3923 AN/PRC-148(V)6(C)   4101660-504  
Communications Security Module 5810-01-549-6626 241 0GX96PIX 535   PIX 535  
Security Data System 5810-01-572-0431 UTM-1 570  
Encryption-decryption Equipment 5810-01-486-1987 0N649470-5   KG-175-5   KG-175E100  
Communications Security Module 5810-01-578-5781 IMSSEPTRANSC1009  
Encryption-decryption Equipment 5810-01-464-8204 HSI-04AT   A027241-01  
Communications Security Module 5810-01-578-5802 IMSSEPRC1009  
Encryption-decryption Equipment 5810-01-527-6328 KIV-7HSB  
Alarm Management System 5810-01-544-3538 EINP4SM10  
Audio Video Encoder 5810-01-601-4504 VIP 10S 2010  
Dgtl Dcdr Programer 5810-01-176-5782 0N509098  
Lin Meas Transducer 5810-01-176-5778 0N509285   152905-22  
Security And Surveillance Equipm 5810-01-513-5700 SPECIFY ON REQUISTION  
Panel 5810-01-126-2512 0N241606  
Communications Security Module 5810-01-558-3251 K10050334-504   KOV-26 SOC  
Communications Security Module 5810-01-578-6240 FG-60B-DBL-EU  
Transformer Energy Pump 5810-01-167-1649 0N300738-1  
Encryption-decryption Equipment 5810-01-541-8542 0N682565-1   SI-1034961-0000   KG-255  
Hf Modem 5810-01-468-8145 822-0120-005  
E Communication Modification Kit 5810-01-261-7880 755017B4085  
Encryption-decryption Equipment 5810-01-524-6615 0N670380-1   S1-017750-000   KG-250   663121020008  
Transformer Energy Pump 5810-01-167-1650 0N511110  
Communications Security Module 5810-01-558-5539 K10050334-503   KOV-26 OFF  
Communications Security Module 5810-01-558-5485 K10050334-502   KOV-26 TAC  
End Id Rail 5810-00-483-4930 0N084826  
Step-down Power Transformer 5810-01-167-1648 0N300700  
Lever Trunnion Assy 5810-00-483-4667 0N047073  
Alarm Management System 5810-01-544-3537 EINP2SM05  
Back Bar Assy 5810-00-483-4769 0N047451  
Security Data System 5810-01-608-1245 UTM-1 EDGE X  
Encryption-decryption Equipment 5810-01-633-2896 DL1000FE-G