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Other Cryptologic Equipment And Components

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Electronic Frequency Converter 5811-01-009-2154 0N224036   CV-3360/G  
Data Concentrator Rack Assembly 5811-01-202-9266 0N315125-502  
Demultiplexer 5811-01-081-5674 0N272794   TD-1306/UR  
Automated Information S Computer 5811-01-247-0748 0N360155   CP-1610(V)4/G  
Automated Information S Computer 5811-01-247-0747 0N360157   CP-1610(V)6/G  
Tempest Detecting System 5811-01-257-0179 AN/MSQ-121   C5132800  
Reference Signal Generator 5811-01-043-5353 0N247942   O-1770/G  
Data Concentrator Rack Assembly 5811-01-202-9267 0N315125-503  
Demultiplexer 5811-01-088-0549 0N268863-1   TD-1323(V)1/G  
Master Timing System 5811-01-301-9241 0N436551   AN/GSQ-237  
Alarm-monitor 5811-01-154-1937 0N258595   BZ-272/G  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-136-4624 0N316648   AN/FSC-89  
Radio Receiving Set 5811-01-308-8646 C5162489   AN/TRR-36  
Console Group 5811-01-268-5138 0N401174   OJ-643/FSQ-159  
Speci Collection Analysis System 5811-01-309-6174 C5162488   AN/TSX-1  
Digital Comunica Processor Group 5811-01-095-3517 401-36401-01   OL-245/GYC-8(V)  
Command And Control System 5811-01-309-6175 C5162487   AN/TSY-1  
Digitizer Unit 5811-01-249-0565 0N381812   SN-564/G  
Switching Unit 5811-01-268-8190 0N401207   SA-2595/G  
Test Set-time Group 5811-01-268-5136 0N401200   OA-9348/FSQ-159  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-297-4860 0N430177   AN/FSC-110(V)3  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-297-4864 0N430253   AN/FSC-110(V)8  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-297-4858 0N430175   AN/FSC-110(V)1  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-297-4862 0N430250   AN/FSC-110(V)5  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-297-4861 0N430179   AN/FSC-110(V)4  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-297-4859 0N430176   AN/FSC-110(V)2  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-297-4863 0N430252   AN/FSC-110(V)7  
Maintenance Console 5811-01-313-8434 9108-007-001-NA  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-133-6557 0N316647   AN/FSC-88  
Communication Processing System 5811-01-302-8248 0N430251   AN/FSC-110(V)6  
Radio Receiving Set 5811-01-044-5421 0N238470-2   AN/FRR-101(V)2  
Radio Receiving Set 5811-01-044-5422 0N238474   AN/FRR-100(V)1  
Radio Receiving Set 5811-01-044-5423 0N238600   AN/FRR-100(V)2  
Radio Receiving Set 5811-01-044-5420 0N238470-1   AN/FRR-101(V)1  
Radio Receiving Set 5811-01-044-5424 0N238466   AN/FRR-99  
Multiplexer Network Access 5811-01-281-5952 0N428511-6   TD-1440 (V)6/G  
Multiplexer Network Access 5811-01-281-3676 0N28511-4   TD-1440 (V)4/G  
Multiplexer Network Access 5811-01-281-5955 0N428511-9   TD-1440 (V)9/G  
Multiplexer Network Access 5811-01-281-9709 0N428511-3   TD-1440 (V)3/G  
Multiplexer Network Access 5811-01-281-5954 0N428511-8   TD-1440 (V)8/G