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NSN 5935-00-001-3125 Electrical Connector Backshell

2B thread class, right-hand , rubber seal material, 1.370" diameter, 1.000" cable opening diameter, 1 cable opening quantity

NSN 5935-00-001-3124 Electrical Receptacle Connector

2A thread class, right-hand , thru-hole mount body style, 0.889" length, 0.438" bushing diameter, 0.531" diameter

NSN 5935-00-001-3048 Electrical Receptacle Connector

2A thread class, right-hand , straight shape, external coupling body style, 1.300" length, 1.026" height, 1.026" width

NSN 5935-00-001-3030 Electrical Receptacle Connector

2A thread class, right-hand , straight shape, external coupling body style, 1.300" length, 1.026" height, 1.026" width

NSN 5935-00-001-3012 Electrical Plug Connector Body

2A thread class, right-hand , straight shape, internal coupling body style, 1.860" length, 2.299" diameter, moisture resistant environmental protection

NSN 5935-00-001-2984 Electrical Plug Connector

2A thread class, right-hand , straight shape, internal coupling body style, 1.420" length, 1.183" diameter, moisture proof environmental protection

NSN 5935-00-001-2974 Electrical Connector Cover

Rubber seal material, 0.812" body height, 1.383" diameter, gasket seal type, 27 size designation, 1 snap-in mounting facility type and quantity

NSN 5935-00-001-2964 Electrical Receptacle Connector

Right angle type body style, 4.940" length, 0.320" width, 0.238" body height, 1 mating end quantity, 2 rows of contacts non-inserted board single mating end contact position arrangement style

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-01-248-1812 AS50151   MS3456W28-10S   MS3106R28-10S   MS3106R28-10SC   MS3106F28-10S   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-510-0461 MS3108B32-10P   MIL-C-5015   AN3108B32-10P  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-500-6211 MS3108A28-1P   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-826-1821 MS3106E28-10S   MIL-C-5015   01C-MS3106E28-10S  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-379-4413 MS3450L32-6S   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-00-496-3157 LS14097-15A22  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-00-506-6325 LS14097-51A02   LS14097-34A02  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-552-6669 MS3108B32-102S   MIL-C-5015   MS3108B32-102SC  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-144-1896 MS3108B32-102P   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-00-501-6219 MS3100A28-1S   MIL-C-5015   AN3100A28-1S  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-079-3985 MS3108B32-6S   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-270-9554 BKAD2-313-30006   BKAD2313-300   C-06B3-0200-1100  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-01-261-7314 MS3451W36-9SX   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-01-354-6642 MS3406D28-10SY   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-021-6923 SM-A-839074-1   DPD2-B48-33PM-1A   044051-0000   DPD2-G48-33PM-1A  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-665-4679 MS3108B36-9P   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-00-938-7296 MS3103-32-7SX   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-121-1154 MS3452W32-6P   MIL-C-5015   MS3452L32-6P   MS3102R32-6P  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-00-755-6172 MS3102R36-9P   MIL-C-5015   10-214236-9P   357-3665-060  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-00-991-7233 MS3102R32-6S   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-142-0370 MS3106K36-9P   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-261-8691 MS3450W28-10S   MIL-C-5015   MS3100R28-10S  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-00-502-9262 8713567   1324830   60-042028-10S   5935005029262  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-020-8026 10-214628-10S  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-261-8631 AS50151   MS3450W28-10P   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-261-8630 MS3450W28-1PW   MIL-C-5015  
Ele Modular Receptacle Connector 5935-01-332-8418 73-1319575-2   LEH13.5-0010  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-261-8629 MS3450W28-1P   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-270-1001 MS3450W40-10SX   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-01-261-7275 MS3451W28-1P   MIL-C-5015   MS3101F28-1P  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-196-2280 MS3106A32-10S   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-643-7127 MS3106A32-10P   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-261-8636 MS3450W32-12SX   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-666-1796 MS3108B32-101S   MIL-C-5015   AN3108B32-101S  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-01-271-4192 MS3450W28-10SW   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-131-9265 MS3108B32-101P   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-00-983-6999 MS3106R28-1SW   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-00-721-0005 M55302/1-05   MIL-DTL-55302   10863-003   UPC2A28P4   UPC2A28P8  
Electrical Plug Connector 5935-01-258-5780 MS3408D40-62SW   MIL-C-5015  
Electrical Receptacle Connector 5935-00-595-8669 M28748/10E0CL1A   MIL-C-28748/10   MS18164-1W