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Ballasts, Lampholders, And Starters

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-352-8001 VEL-3P32-TP   BS2-41121   B232IUNVHP-N   B232I277  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-352-8000 REL-3P32-TP   B232I120  
Lamp Ballast 6250-00-497-1415 VS2S200TP   7G1211   7G1211W   8G1211WF   937KTC  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-657-3682
Lampholder 6250-00-112-0475 10942115   10511561  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-347-4692 ICN3P32N35I   B332I120RH   E332PI120G01   REL-3P32-RH-TP   E332PI120  
332T120I   REL-3P32-TP   B332I120  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-352-8004 1230-177-500-K   71A8176-001D  
Lampholder 6250-00-519-0443 WL142   4104  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-347-9548 RS-2S60-TP   8G3900W   8G3885W  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-352-8002 11310-510-500   71A5292-500D  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-440-2807 ADVICN1P32N32I   B132IUNVHP-B   G1-IN-T8-120   B132I120HP  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-4695 VEL-4P32-TP   B432I277   E432PI277   E432PI277G01  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-194-2566 71A3572-001D   M250MLTAC3M   H250MLTAC3M500K   15G5419W18   1030-92-500K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-194-2567 71A3072-001D   H175MLTACM500K   15G4419W18   1030-91-500K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-352-8003 M150MLTLC3M500K   71A5492-500D   11310-543-500  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-353-4824 RC-2S102-TP   8G3704WF  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-353-2155 11310-90-500   16G7229W18   71A5390-500D  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-352-9995 RC-2S102-TP   8G3691WF  
Lamp Ballast 6250-00-892-5249 ANSI C82.1   UL 935   VQM2S40-2TP   8G1030   8G1032W  
8G1034WF   443LTCP   W-B-30 CLP   W-B-30  
Lampholder 6250-00-539-8073 WL142TYPE3PB   GE2706  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-353-4472 RC-2S102-TP   944-LH-TC-P   8G3736W  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-5323 M1500MLTAC5M500K   16G6289W18   71A6772-001   1130-99R-500K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-5322 M1000MLTAC5M500K   MH-1000A-Q-KIT   16G5299W18   71A6572-001   1130-97-500K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-1345 VS-2S60-TP   8G3887WF  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-347-8178 B432I120   E432PI120   E432PI120G01   REL-4P32-TP  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-204-2828 61-38-1   27883   563213   58-59  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-6627 71A7787B-500D   71A7787-500D-B  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-5320 M250MLTAC3M500K   16G2309W18   71A5770-001   71A5770-001D   1130-92-500K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-5319 71A5570-001D   M175MLTAC3M500K   16G1299W18   71A5570-001   1130-91R-500K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-5321 71A6071-001   M400MLTAC4M500K   16G3309W18   1130-93R-500K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-353-7723 G1-IN-T8-277  
Lamp Ballast 6250-00-519-2129 WB30   89G490   8G1490   861490W   8G1490W  
Lamp Ballast 6250-00-683-0447 WB30   8G3922   89G581   8G3922W  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-7439 71A8773-001   S1000-71C-211K   S1000MLTAC5M500K   1230-97S-500-K   35-963280-11  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-5324 71A8071-001D   S100MLTC3M500K   17G6119W18   71A8071-001   12310-90-500-K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-6630 S400MLTAC5M500K   1230-93S-500-K   17G3239W18   71A8473-001  
Lamp Ballast 6250-00-043-4988 573-L-TC-P   8G3864   8G3971   8G3971W   RM-2SP30-TP  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-6629 S250MLTAC4M500K   17G2239W18   71A8271-001   1230-92S-500-K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-5325 71A8970-001   S200MLTAC4M500K   17G1999W18   1230-190-500-K  
Lamp Ballast 6250-01-348-6631 71A8371-001