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Food Cooking, Baking, And Serving Equipment

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Electricall Food Warming Cabinet 7310-01-600-9622 H-137-UA-12D  
Steam Cooker 7310-01-624-2282 E64403E12000820  
Steam Heate Food Warming Cabinet 7310-01-606-1783 CH18  
Electric Range 7310-00-141-0842 W-R-101  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-500-5833 RBS120-2M-SN   90910  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-500-5843 RBS114-2M-SN   90909  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-499-7124 RBS84/60-2M-SN   90917  
Deck Baking And Roasting Oven 7310-01-599-9950 SCC 62/SCC 102  
Electric Range 7310-01-097-3165 MR441   VET-1010 (440/6 0/3)   A-A-59187   MR-441 (440V)   MIL-R-43954  
Generator Assembly 7310-00-999-2495 5-11-1238 PIECE 9   5-11-925 ITEM 9   331780  
Electric Range 7310-01-082-8606 MR421-460VAC   MR421-480V   MR421-480VAC   MIL-R-43954   MR421(450V)  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-510-3846 SRB-145NSU,R134A   01-720-C175 REV D SHEET 4  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-510-3848 SRB-100-NSU,R134A   01-720-C175 REV D SHEET 12  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-510-3838 SRB-119-NSU,R134A   01-720-C175 REV D SHEET 3  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-511-5041 SRB-135-NSU,R134A   01-720-C175 REV D SHEET 9  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-511-5035 SRB-157-NSU,R134A   01-720-C175 REV D SHEET 1  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-510-3831 SRB-168NSU,R134A   01-720-C175 REV D SHEET 2  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-511-5050 SRB-93-NSU,R134A   01-720-C175 REV D SHEET 7  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-511-5046 SRB-84-NSU,R134A   01-720-C175 REV D SHEET 8  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-511-5028 SRB-48-NSU,R134A   01-720-C175 REV D SHEET 10  
Deck Baking And Roasting Oven 7310-01-314-7939 ECOD-AT1M-440/480V   ECO-6M   MIL-O-43633   ECOD-ATM 480V   ECO-386M 440/60/3  
Steam Cooker 7310-01-102-6731 MC50440V3PH60HZ   S-C-1474   SC1474-3103CA1   ST-E STY C   SB-ST-E  
MC50   ST-E  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-499-7130 RBS55/20-2M-SN   90916  
Electric Range 7310-01-104-4394 KK22579C   MR36C5RB   MR36C5RD   MIL-R-43954   M436M1R-440V  
Self-heating Griddle 7310-01-359-2845 LG-36MDI   136TDIG   MIL-G-2338  
Deck Baking And Roasting Oven 7310-01-277-4105 MIL-O-0043633   ECOF-AT2M-440/480V   ECOFL-ATM 480V   ECO-9M  
Gas Broiler 7310-01-606-0759 XX-6  
Electric Range 7310-01-104-3349 RF-21S-C   R36C-ATAM 480V   RF21SM-A   MIL-R-43954  
Electric Range 7310-01-323-7028 MIL-R-21211   32S-3M/H/  
Mechanically Refrig Display Case 7310-01-600-9619 HXR-3575  
Steam Jacketed Kettle 7310-01-104-0928 TDB-20(440V)   TDB/7-20(440V)   M43359-207   MIL-K-43359   ASTM F1603  
Electric Range 7310-01-290-5148 RF21SM-G 480 AC   RF21SM-G   RF21SM-G 480V   R36C-ATDM 480V  
Electric Range 7310-01-104-4395 MIL-R-43954   ELECTRIC RANGE   MR36C6RD   MR36D2RD   MR36C6  
Deck Baking And Roasting Oven 7310-01-290-0463 ECO-7M   ECOF-AT1M-440/480V   ECOF-ATM 440V   MIL-O-43633  
ECO-387M 440/60/3  
Gas Range 7310-01-046-4927 5857770930   GL6-230   WPM-487-3W   SF4622-439RB   S-R-0044 TY1SZ36  
S-R-0044   S-R-44   A-A-1646   SD4622M-539RB  
Electric Range 7310-01-419-0720 MIL-R-43954   MR36C3RD  
Electric Range 7310-01-082-0032 MIL-R-43954   RF-21SM-G(440V)  
Electric Range 7310-01-428-3802 MIL-R-43954   RH36C-3   MH36C-3  
Steam Jacketed Kettle 7310-01-174-2332 ASTM F1602   HEC-20 (NSU)   M43359-101   MIL-K-43359  
Single Coffee Urn 7310-01-648-1718