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NSN 7025-01-068-3280 Display Panel

P-3 aircraft , test system analog ANUSM449 fsc application data, as differentiated by the source control dwg no. Reference number differentiating characteristics

Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Table Fork 7340-00-241-8169 7340-00-241-8169   RR-F-450 TY1TM2ST1   RR-F-450   A-A-2664  
Tea Spoon 7340-00-205-3340 7340-00-205-3340   RR-F-450 TY1TM3ST1   RR-F-450   A-A-2664  
Hunting Knife 7340-01-527-7123 M37 SEAL PUP   SEAL PUP  
Slicing Knife 7340-00-406-6531 A-A-2733   A-A-2733 TY6GRD   GGG-C-746   GGG-C-746 TY6GRD  
Food Preparation Fork 7340-00-223-7791 A-A-52204   A-A-52204 TY1SZ1   MIL-U-10815 TY1SZ1   MIL-U-10815  
Hunting Knife 7340-01-583-1124 CRKBP1  
Hunting Knife 7340-01-569-6907 E37T  
Dessert Spoon 7340-00-241-8171 7340-00-241-8171   RR-F-450 TY1TM3ST2   RR-F-450   A-A-2664  
Table Spoon 7340-00-205-3341 7340-00-205-3341   RR-F-450 TY1TM3ST3   RR-F-450   A-A-2664  
Skinning Knife 7340-01-642-8259
Table Knife 7340-00-060-6057 7340-00-060-6057   RR-F-450 TY1TM1ST2   RR-F-450   A-A-2664  
Mincing And Chopping Knife 7340-01-390-9317 BK-1409  
Table Knife 7340-00-235-5013 7340-00-235-5013   RR-T-51 TY2TM6FG23   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM6  
Paring Knife 7340-00-488-7939 A-A-2733   A-A-2733 TY5GRD   GGG-C-746   GGG-C-746 TY5GRD   O316  
Dessert Knife 7340-00-229-9479 7340-00-229-9479   RR-T-51 TY2TM5   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM5  
Scimitar Steak Knife 7340-00-197-1274 A-A-2733   A-A-2733 TY7GRD   GGG-C-746   GGG-C-746 TY7GRD  
Iced Tea Spoon 7340-00-235-5021 7340-00-235-5021   RR-T-51 TY2TM10   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM10  
Skinning Knife 7340-01-056-1094 KNIVES W/O BAILS   A-A-2733   SL-12-5-1/4  
Boning Knife 7340-00-197-1271 A-A-2733   A-A-2733 TY3GRDCL3   6447M   GGG-C-746   GGG-C-746 TY3GRDCL3  
Mincing And Chopping Knife 7340-01-390-9315 BK-1405  
Beverage Stirring Stick 7340-00-753-5565 7340-00-753-5565   LLL-S-720   A-A-1081  
Table Fork 7340-01-394-6468 BK-1331  
Meat Cutter's Knife Pouch 7340-00-360-0089 40N15   MIL-P-1680  
Table Fork 7340-00-229-9477 7340-00-229-9477   RR-T-51 TY2TM4FG21   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM4  
Table Spoon 7340-00-235-5027 7340-00-235-5027   RR-T-51 TY2TM13FG30   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM13  
Tea Spoon 7340-00-235-5029 7340-00-235-5029   RR-T-51 TY2TM14FG31   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM14  
Salad Fork 7340-00-235-5042 7340-00-235-5042   RR-T-51 TY2TM3FG20   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM3  
Seafood Fork 7340-00-229-9476 7340-00-229-9476   RR-T-51 TY2TM2   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM2  
Picnic Knife 7340-01-438-9241 226  
Hunting Knife 7340-01-487-6033 MODEL 120  
Pie And Cake Server 7340-00-272-9586 A-A-2733   A-A-2733 TY21GRD   118   GGG-C-746   GGG-C-746 TY21GRD  
Dessert Fork 7340-00-229-9475 7340-00-229-9475   RR-T-51 TY2TM1   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM1  
Demitasse Spoon 7340-00-235-5031 7340-00-235-5031   RR-T-51 TY2TM8FG25   RR-T-51   MS15079  
Soup Spoon 7340-00-235-5023 7340-00-235-5023   RR-T-51 TY2TM11FG28   RR-T-51   A-A-1808   A-A-1808 TY1TM11  
Slicing Knife 7340-00-937-1436 7340-00-937-1436   293   297  
Mincing And Chopping Knife 7340-01-390-9316 BK-1407  
Hunting Knife 7340-01-632-7283 22-01629  
Mincing And Chopping Knife 7340-01-390-9319 BK-1411  
Soup Spoon 7340-01-394-5964 BK-1280  
Bouillon Spoon 7340-00-688-1055 7340-00-688-1055   RR-F-450 TY1TM3ST5   RR-F-450   A-A-2664