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Paint And Artists' Brushes

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Paint Brush 8020-00-200-4563
Paint Brush 8020-00-200-4561
Paint Brush 8020-00-260-1306 A-A-3192 TY1GRBSZ2.06   A-A-3192   8022086   7799T1   A-A-3192 TY1GRBSZ1 IN.  
H-B-420   H-B-695   H-B-695 CL1GRBSZ1   H-B-420 TY1GRBSZ1 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-200-4562
Paint Brush 8020-00-200-4564
Paint Brush 8020-00-889-7919 A-A-3192   A-A-3192 TY2GRCSZ1-1/2 IN.   H-B-420   H-B-695   H-B-695 CL2GRCSZ1.500  
H-B-420 TY2GRCSZ1-1/2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-889-7918 A-A-3192   A-A-3192 TY2GRCSZ2 IN.   H-B-420   H-B-695   H-B-695 CL2GRC2IN.  
H-B-420 TY2GRCSZ2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-200-3489 A-A-3192 TY2GRCSZ3 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-420 TY2GRCSZ3 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-200-3487 A-A-3192   A-A-3192 TY2GRCSZ4 IN.   H-B-420   H-B-420 TY2GRCSZ4 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-889-7920 A-A-3192   A-A-3192 TY2GRCSZ1 IN.   H-B-420   H-B-695   H-B-695 CL2GRC1IN.  
H-B-420 TY2GRCSZ1 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-889-7917 A-A-3192   A-A-3192 TY2GRCSZ3 IN.   H-B-420   H-B-695   H-B-695 CL2GRCSZ3  
R4193   H-B-420 TY2GRCSZ3 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-685-5394 A-A-3192 TY2GRAASZ3-1/2 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-420 TY2GRAASZ3-1/2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-685-5393 A-A-3192 TY2GRAASZ4 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-420 TY2GRAASZ4 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-255-1489
Paint Brush 8020-00-559-0389 A-A-3193   A-A-3193 TY2CL1SZ9   H-B-491   H-B-491 TY2CL1SZ9  
Artist's Brush 8020-00-244-0154 8020-00-244-0154   H-B-241   980-FITCH3/4INX3/8   H-B-241 SZ3/4 X 3/8 IN.   MS16840  
Paint Brush 8020-00-559-0438 A-A-3193   A-A-3193 TY2CL1SZ5   H-B-491   H-B-491 TY2CL1SZ5  
Painting Kit 8020-01-623-8818 8020-00-NIB-0052  
Artist's Brush 8020-00-244-0153 RE 002440153   H-B-241   H-B-241 SZ7/16 X 3/16 IN.   MS16840   8020-00-244-0153  
Paint Brush 8020-00-297-6658 A-A-3193   A-A-3193 TY1CL2SZ10   H-B-491   H-B-491 TY1CL2SZ10   MS16866  
Artist's Brush 8020-00-244-0156 8020-00-244-0156   H-B-241   980-FITCH7/8IN   H-B-241 SZ7/8 X 1/2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-263-3873 A-A-3193   A-A-3193 TY1CL2SZ6   H-B-491   H-B-491 TY1CL2SZ6   MS16866  
Artist's Brush 8020-01-176-0670 16.263   16.263-1   BRRS3  
Paint Brush 8020-00-263-3874 A-A-3193   A-A-3193 TY1CL2SZ8   H-B-491   H-B-491 TY1CL2SZ8   MS16866  
Paint Brush 8020-00-559-9842 A-A-3192 TY2GRASZ1-1/2 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-695  
H-B-695 CL2GRASZ1 1/2   MS16865   H-B-420 TY2GRASZ1-1/2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-559-9843 A-A-3192 TY2GRASZ2-1/2 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-695  
H-B-695 CL2GRASZ2 1/2   MS16865   H-B-420 TY2GRASZ2-1/2 IN.  
Artist's Brush 8020-00-201-1870 8020-00-201-1870   H-B-241   980FITCH1-1/4 IN   H-B-241 SZ1-1/4 X 5/8 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-205-6505 A-A-3192 TY1GRASZ1-1/2 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-695  
H-B-695 CL1GRASZ1.500   H-B-420 TY1GRASZ1-1/2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-597-4764 A-A-3192 TY2GRASZ3 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-695  
H-B-695 CL2GRASZ3   H-B-420 TY2GRASZ3 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-245-4518 A-A-3192 TY2GRASZ3-1/2 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-420 TY2GRASZ3-1/2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-205-6501 A-A-3192 TY2GRASZ2 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-695  
H-B-695 CL2GRASZ2   H-B-420 TY2GRASZ2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-205-6511 A-A-3193   A-A-3193 TY1CL1SZ8   H-B-491   H-B-491 TY1CL1SZ8  
Paint Brush 8020-00-597-5301 A-A-3193   A-A-3193 TY1CL1SZ6   H-B-491   H-B-491 TY1CL1SZ6  
Paint Brush 8020-00-245-4515 A-A-3192   A-A-3192 TY1GRASZ3-1/2 IN.   H-B-420   H-B-420 TY1GRASZ3-1/2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-263-3867 A-A-3192 TY2GRBSZ2-1/2 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-695  
H-B-695 CL2GRBSZ2 1/2   MS16865   H-B-420 TY2GRBSZ2-1/2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-260-1302 A-A-3192 TY1GRASZ2 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-695  
H-B-695 CL1GRASZ2   H-B-420 TY1GRASZ2 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-205-6500 A-A-3192 TY1GRASZ3 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-695  
H-B-695 CL1GRASZ3   H-B-420 TY1GRASZ3 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-245-4519 A-A-3192 TY2GRASZ4 IN   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-420 TY2GRASZ4 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-245-4517 A-A-3192 TY2GRASZ3 IN2   A-A-3192   A-A-3192 TY2GRASZ3 IN.   H-B-420   H-B-420 TY2GRASZ3 IN.  
Paint Brush 8020-00-260-1301 A-A-3192 TY1GRBSZ2-1/2 IN.   A-A-3192   H-B-420   H-B-695  
H-B-695 CL1GRBSZ2 1/2   MS16865   H-B-420 TY1GRBSZ2-1/2 IN.