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Liquid Propellant Fuels And Oxidizers, Chemical Base

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Alcm Engine Priming Propellant 9135-01-150-7862 MIL-DTL-87173   PF-1   MIL-L-87173  
Mixed Oxides Of Nitro Propellant 9135-01-056-5010 M26539-10 (BULK)   MIL-PRF-26539   MIL-PRF-26539 MON-10  
Nitric Acid Propellant 9135-00-754-4613 M7254-3B (DRUM)   MIL-PRF-7254   MILP7254TYPE3B  
Mixed Oxides Of Nitro Propellant 9135-01-057-7408 M26539-10 (CYL)   MIL-PRF-26539   MIL-P-27408  
Uns-dimethylhydrazine Propellant 9135-00-305-8199 S8AGA  
Ethylene Oxide Propellant 9135-00-630-6342 MILP8845  
Ni Propellant Pressurizing Agent 9135-00-782-2635 MILP27401  
Uns-dimethylhydrazine Propellant 9135-00-753-4637 M25604 CYL   MIL-PRF-25604   MIL-D-25604-55GL  
Uns-dimethylhydrazine Propellant 9135-00-687-4293 M25604 BULK   MIL-PRF-25604   MIL-D-25604/BULK  
He Propellant Pressurizing Agent 9135-01-354-1164 M27407-1B   MIL-P-27407  
Nitrogen Tetroxide Propellant 9135-01-146-5135 M26539-3 LOW IRON (CYL)   MIL-PRF-26539   MIL-P-26539 MON3  
Nitric Acid Propellant 9135-01-574-3787 ENERGY-9135 (DRUM)   DESC-IRFNA-I2  
Hydrazine Propellant 9135-01-373-6641 M26536-H (BULK)   MIL-PRF-26536   MIL-P-26536  
Nitrogen Tetroxide Propellant 9135-01-383-8173 M26539-25 (BULK)   MIL-PRF-26539   MIL-P-26539  
Hydrazine Propellant 9135-01-372-9218 M26536-M (BULK)   MIL-PRF-26536   MIL-P-26536  
Hydrazine-uns-dimethy Propellant 9135-00-781-9834 M27402 DRUM   MIL-PRF-27402   MIL-P-27402  
He Propellant Pressurizing Agent 9135-01-354-1165 MIL-P-27407   M27407-1B  
Nitric Acid Propellant 9135-00-754-4614 M7254-3B (BULK)   MIL-PRF-7254   MILP7254  
Nitric Acid Propellant 9135-01-574-3794 ENERGY-9135 (BULK)   DESC-IRFNA-I2  
Methane Propellant 9135-01-628-9695 MIL-PRF-32207  
Nitrogen Tetroxide Propellant 9135-01-359-8422 M26539-10 LOW IRON   MIL-PRF-26539   MIL-P-26539 MON1  
Type Gaseous Methane Propellant 9135-01-238-3359 M32207-IA   MIL-PRF-32207   METHANE TYPE I  
High Density Syntheti Propellant 9135-01-048-5285 JP-10   MIL-DTL-87107   MIL-L-87107  
Type I Liquid Methane Propellant 9135-01-239-8066 M32207-IIB   MIL-PRF-32207   METHANE TYPE II  
Nitrogen Tetroxide Propellant 9135-01-146-5134 M26539-3 LOW IRON (BULK)   MIL-PRF-26539  
Propellant Pressuri 9135-01-649-5578
Dinitrogen Tetroxide Propellant 9135-01-519-4787 M26539-15   MIL-PRF-26539  
Methane Propellant 9135-01-628-1126 M32207-IIA   MIL-PRF-32207  
Hydrazine Propellant 9135-00-753-4568 M26536-S (BULK)   MIL-PRF-26536   MIL-P-26536  
Hydrazine-uns-dimethy Propellant 9135-00-753-4919 M27402 BULK   MIL-PRF-27402   MIL-P-27402  
Nitrogen Tetroxide Propellant 9135-01-305-8854 M26539-1 LOW IRON (CYL)   MIL-PRF-26539   MIL-P-26539 MON1  
Ar Pressurizing Agent Propellant 9135-00-882-1793 M27415-1A   MIL-PRF-27415   MIL-P-27415TYPE1GRADEA  
Nitrogen Tetroxide Propellant 9135-01-304-0747 M26539-1 LOW IRON (BULK)   MIL-PRF-26539   MIL-P-26539 MON1  
Nitrogen Tetroxide Propellant 9135-01-013-8568 M26539-3 (CYL)   MIL-PRF-26539  
L Presurizing Agent 9135-01-649-5576
Dinitrogen Teroxide Propellant 9135-01-545-9545 M26539-3 ULTRA LOW FE (BULK)   MIL-PRF-26539  
Nitric Acid Propellant 9135-01-568-7991 M7254-3A (BULK)   MIL-PRF-7254   MIL-P-7254  
Nitrogen Tetroxide Propellant 9135-01-472-7418 M26539-25 (CYL)   MIL-PRF-26539   M26539-25L2KLB  
Heli Propellantpressurizingagent 9135-01-593-7382 M27407-2A   MIL-PRF-27407  
Ar Propellant Pressurizing Agent 9135-01-514-7907 M27415-2B   MIL-PRF-27415