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NSN: 3040-00-001-4471
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of 123abm10221
Item Number Cage
123ABM10221-1 26512
123ABM10221 26512

Characteristic Codes

123ABM10221 spec. code meanings
Code Translation
AZHL The structural characteristic of the body.
MATL The element, compound, or mixture of which an item is fabricated, excluding any surface treatment.
MATT The chemical compound or mechanical mixture properties of which the item is fabricated.
SURF Consists of plating, dip, and/or coating that cannot be wiped off.plating and/or coating is any chemical and/or metallic additive, electrochemical, or mild mechanical process which protects a surface.


Description: Rigid Connecting Link
Mfr. Cage 26512


aluminum alloy

AZHL Body Construction
MATL Material (non-core)
Aluminum alloy,qq-a-200/11,t6511 or qq-a-225/9 t651
MATT Material
Aluminum alloy
SURF Surface Treatment (non-core)
Anodized, mil-a-8625, type 2, class 1 and paint, primer, epoxy, 1-general

Technical Definition

Connecting Link, Rigid, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 21988 - An item of various cross-sectional shapes which may be of solid or hollow construction. it is specifically designed for attachment to a lever(s) and/or control(s) to actuate various remote mechanisms. it is one of the following: (1) a one-piece item with or without eyes and/or holes in each end which may have bushings or bearings pressed in the eyes; (2) a one-piece item with both ends processed for terminations, excluding threaded end(s); (3) a two-piece construction type item consisting of a body with both ends processed for terminations and a single end attachment; or (4) a three-piece construction type item consisting of a body and two end attachments. excludes internal combustion engine type piston connecting rods; drag link, steering; link, anchor, brake shoe; tie rod, steering; and turnbuckle. for cylindrical shaped externally threaded items without end attachments, see rod, threaded end and stud (as modified).
National Stock Number (NSN): 3040-00-001-4471

Last Modified: 02/14/2017