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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function as 23229
Item Number Cage
CVWL3 29685
23229 29685
EC1050 13099

Technical Definition

Carver, Dental, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 11424 - An item used in trimming excess dental amalgam restorations in the plastic state, following the condensation in cavities prepared within the teeth.

Q & A

Part number 23229
What are the historical prices for part number 23229?
No pre-dated pricing for this NSN could be found.
Does this part number 23229 have a shelf life?
No. There is no shelf life applicable for this part.
Does this part number 23229 require Demilitarization?
Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9).
Is part number 23229 ITAR controlled?
No. This item is not ITAR Controlled.
What is the NSN for part number 23229?
Who are the manufacturers of 23229 and NSN 6520-00-584-2565?
  • Hu Friedy Manufacturing Co., Llc (CAGE 29685)
  • Hu Friedy Manufacturing Co., Llc (CAGE 13099)


Description: Dental Carver
Part Number 23229 23229


Length: 6-3/8"

ABHP Overall Length
From 6.375" and 6.625"
AJMH Blade Shape
ANEH Design Designation
Walls no. 3
ANEH Design Designation
ANNQ Material And Location
Steel, corrosion resisting
ANNR Surface Treatment And Location
Finish, mirror shank err-100 err-100
ANNR Surface Treatment And Location
Finish, mirror shank
ARJD Design Form
BMJG Pattern/style Identification
Walls 3
BTPM Material For Which Designed
CXCY Part Description
Carver dental walls 3 f/amalgam cres dbl-ended 6.375-6.625"
ECWT Exterior Container Weight
24.00 pounds
EXME Exterior Container Cubic Measure
1.418 cubic feet
EXQT Exterior Container Quantity
FEAT Special Features
Triangular blade shape 2nd end
PKQT Intermediate Package Quantity
SUCB Unit Of Issue Cube
0.059 cubic feet
SUWT Unit Of Issue Weight
1.00 pounds
ZZZT Nondefinitive Spec/std Data
I type and b class and 2 style
National Stock Number (NSN): 6520-00-584-2565