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Retaining Ring

Model / MPN: 548411 | NSN: 5325-01-210-9485
ITAR Registered seal

A resilient metal item, circular or nearly circular, which is designed to be inserted into an internal or external groove and retained by its own spring action, or it may have external prongs or projections designed to be inserted into a hole and retained by spring action of the prongs which grip by embedding into the material. For items having internal prongs which perform the same function, see push on nut. It is used to keep and/or lock a par (s) in position, as a ball bearing on a shaft or in a housing. See also clip, retaining and pin, lock. Excludes ring, connecting, round.

Product Details
NATO Stock Number
Sold in multiples of
10 EA
Cross Sectional Shape
Casehardening Indicator
Not casehardened
Outside Diameter
Between 0.341 inches and 0.356 inches
Major Thickness
Between 0.013 inches and 0.017 inches
Ring Style
Usage Design
Strength Rating
530.0 pounds per square inch yield
Steel, sae 1060 or steel, sae 1064 or steel, sae 1065 or steel, sae 1066 or steel, sae 1069 or steel, sae 1070 or steel, sae 1072 or steel, sae 1074 or steel, sae 1075 or steel, sae 1078 or steel, sae 1080 or steel, sae 1084 or steel, sae 1085 or steel, sae 1086 or steel, sae 1090
Steel comp 1060 or steel comp 1064 or steel comp 1065 or steel comp 1566 or steel comp 1069 or steel, sae 1070 or steel comp 1572 or steel comp 1074 or steel comp 1075 or steel comp 1078 or steel comp 1080 or steel comp 1084 or steel comp 1085 or steel comp 1086 or steel comp 1090
Material Specification
Sae 1060 assn standard 1ST material response and sae 1064 assn standard 2ND material response and sae 1065 assn standard 3RD material response and sae 1066 assn standard 4TH material response and sae 1069 assn standard 5TH material response and sae 1072 assn standard 7TH material response and sae 1074 assn standard 8TH material response and sae 1075 assn standard 9TH material response and sae 1078 assn standard 10TH material response and sae 1080 assn standard 11TH material response and sae 1084 assn standard 12TH material response and sae 1085 assn standard 13TH material response and sae 1086 assn standard 14TH material response and sae 1090 assn standard 15TH material response
Surface Treatment
Zinc or cadmium and dichromate
Surface Treatment
Zinc or cadmium dichromate

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