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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function as 65355-12035-101
Item Number Cage
65355-12035-101 78286

Technical Definition

Pin, Straight, Headed, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 02384 - A headed, cylindrically-shaped item having a solid shank for fitting into corresponding holes, used for aligning or fastening. it may have welding projections. it also may contain holes drilled perpendicular to axial centerline. excludes pin, eccentric.


Description: Headed Straight Pin
Mfr. Cage 78286


steel comp 4130 overall

AASK Head Style
Pan no. 2 (r1 not required in item description)
AAZP Chamfer Length
From 0.020" and 0.030"
ABMZ Diameter
From 0.184" and 0.186"
ABPB Under Head Length
From 0.490" and 0.500"
ABRB Hole Arrangement Style
One end drilled
ABRC First Hole Diameter
0.067 inches
ABRE Distance From Centerline Of Hole To End Of Pin
0.098 inches
CBBL Features Provided
CQFM Hardness Rating
39.0 rockwell c minimum and 43.0 rockwell c maximum
CQPJ Pin Chamfer Angle
30.0 degrees
CRRG Pin Head Diameter
0.312 inches
HGTH Height
0.046 inches
MATT Material
Steel comp 4130
MDCL Material Spec
Mil-s-6758 cond c or d mil spec single material response
SFTT Surface Treatment
STDC Surface Treatment Spec
Qq-p-416,ty 2,cl 3 fed spec single treatment response
STYL Style Designator
National Stock Number (NSN): 5315-00-001-4668

Last Modified: 02/14/2017