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NSN: 5315-00-001-4674
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Cross Reference

These part numbers have the same form, fit, and function of 920298
Item Number Cage
920298 06848

Characteristic Codes

920298 spec. code meanings
Code Translation
ABHP The dimension measured along the longitudinal axis with terminated points at the extreme ends of the item.
ABKW The distance measured in a straight line from the bottom to the top of an item.
ABMK An overall measurement taken at right angles to the length of an item, in distinction from thickness.
ACJF A measurement of the longest dimension of the beveled edge of the key, in distinction from width.
CSPJ The physical configuration of the starting edge of the item.
CSXB The included angle of the beveled edge of the key.
MATT The chemical compound or mechanical mixture properties of which the item is fabricated.
MDCL The specification, standard, or manufacturers reference, and the classification designation, such as class, condition, temper, and the like, that identifies the material.
STYL The style designation indicating the configuration that most nearly corresponds to the appearance of the item.


Description: Machine Key
Mfr. Cage 06848


Length: 1/2", steel comp 1117 overall

ABHP Overall Length
From 0.495" and 0.500"
ABKW Overall Height
From 0.123" and 0.125"
ABMK Overall Width
From 0.123" and 0.125"
ACJF Key Chamfer Length
0.010 inches
CSPJ Starting Edge Shape
CSXB Key Chamfer Angle
45.0 degrees
MATT Material
Steel comp 1117
MDCL Material Spec
Aisi assn std single material response
STYL Style Designator

Technical Definition

Key, Machine, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 02378 - A metallic item, usually square or rectangular in cross section, usually longer in relation to its width and thickness, with or without a head, usually designed to fit into the pre-cut slots of two adjacent cylindrically shaped members, to prevent relative rotational movement between the two. it may have mounting holes or slots.
National Stock Number (NSN): 5315-00-001-4674

Last Modified: 02/14/2017