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NSN: 5895-00-001-1816
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
PD-30-475/12314 Divider, Power, Radio Frequency
1128SCAV824-1 Divider, Power, Radio Frequency
CV3069ALQ99AV Divider, Power, Radio Frequency
398343-1 Divider, Power, Radio Frequency
40830-1 Divider, Power, Radio Frequency
DS585-1 Divider, Power, Radio Frequency

DS585-1 Radio Frequency Power Divider

Cage 96341

Technical Definition

Divider, Power, Radio Frequency, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 60411 - An item specifically designed to separate incoming radio frequency power into predetermined proportional values at its output terminals.

Technical Characteristics

Coaxial Connector Series Designation (AHUC):
Frequency Rating (ACZB):
350.0 megahertz minimum and 600.0 megahertz maximum
For Use With/On (AGAV):
Mounting Facility Type And Quantity (AXHR):
4 unthreaded hole and 1 bracket
Overall Height (ABKW):
0.750 inches maximum
Overall Length (ABHP):
1.750 inches nominal
Overall Width (ABMK):
1.210 inches minimum and 1.270 inches maximum
Power Rating (AJDB):
500.0 milliwatts average
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (AHTW):
Terminal Type And Quantity (TTQY):
4 connector, coaxial, female

National Stock Number (NSN)