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Item Number Cage
SMB587701 80063

Technical Definition

Bolt, Internally Relieved Body, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 06676 - An externally threaded fastener whose external threaded portion is of one nominal diameter. it has a concentric hole along the longitudinal centerline which may extend a part or the full length of the bolt. the concentric hole along the centerline may be counterbored and/or internally threaded at the head end or the bolt end. the head is designed to be held or driven by an external and/or internal driver. for items having a hole(s) perpendicular to the axis which meet the concentric hole along the longitudinal centerline, see bolt, fluid passage.


Description: Internally Relieved Body Bolt
Mfr. Cage 80063


Thread Length: 1/2", Fastener Length: 25/32"

AAJD Thread Class
AASA Thread Length
0.500 inches minimum
AASB Fastener Length
0.785 inches
AASK Head Style
AASU Head Height
0.365 inches
AATB Width Between Flats
0.437 inches
AAVH Shoulder Diameter
0.240 inches
AAVK Shoulder Length
0.093 inches
AAWX Concentric Hole Depth
0.330 inches maximum
National Stock Number (NSN): 5306-00-001-4793

Last Modified: 02/14/2017