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Way Construction And Maintenance Equipment, Railroad Of Right

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Description National Stock Number (NSN) Part Number(s)
Diesel Electric Locomotive Crane 2230-00-554-2728 1240DE   MILC10977  
Diesel Mechanic Locomotive Crane 2230-00-174-9130 MILR10978  
Diesel Mechanic Locomotive Crane 2230-00-624-0180 S21697  
Diesel Engi Railway Tie Inserter 2230-01-300-5948 W119 SERIES B  
Diesel Engi Railway Tie Inserter 2230-01-312-9082 TKO 718  
Diesel Mechanic Locomotive Crane 2230-01-327-3880 A-A-50698  
Diesel Electric Locomotive Crane 2230-00-174-9131 MIL-C-16915  
Diesel Mechanic Locomotive Crane 2230-00-809-9865 5   MILC10978C  
Diesel Electric Locomotive Crane 2230-00-939-6649 840DE   MILC16915B  
Diesel Mechanic Locomotive Crane 2230-00-956-2973 825CD  
Diesel Mechanic Locomotive Crane 2230-00-809-9863 E   MILC10978  
Diesel Mechanic Locomotive Crane 2230-00-809-9862 825D   MIL-C-10978  
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-01-046-2814 MILR10651   A4-D-3-4  
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-262-0762 MILR10651   532RTYPE2  
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-262-0766 MILR10651   A5E1  
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-926-1053 MILR10651   27AWF  
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-262-0761 MILR10738   532RTYPE1  
Push Railway Snowplow 2230-00-371-7537 X53L  
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-262-0764
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-262-0763 MILR10651   27AW  
Multi-purpose Railway Crane 2230-01-175-7299 TL-MIL-C53058  
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-018-2061 MILR10651   MCF100  
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-262-0759 539R  
Diesel Engi Track Spike Inserter 2230-01-313-2240 SZ-777 1421  
Push Railway Snowplow 2230-00-540-6803
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-288-0319 MDL535  
Push Railway Snowplow 2230-00-605-0484 MILS14446CLASSA  
Diesel Engine Track Spike Hammer 2230-01-331-2476 W96E1   W96D2-1  
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-00-043-5342 MILR10651   TIP00269-19MAY70  
Push Railway Snowplow 2230-00-529-9039
Trailer Railway Car 2230-00-262-0757 MIL-R-10572  
Gasoline E Railway Track Shifter 2230-00-843-4662 MILT52289   S  
Railroad Tie Crane 2230-01-334-4930 950  
Trailer Railway Car 2230-00-164-9583
Maintenance Railway Motor Car 2230-01-132-7915 MIL-R-10651   PMC-8  
Gasoline E Rail Drilling Machine 2230-00-262-0363 MILD3358   TIP00071-24MAR70   CD  
Gasoline Engi Railway Track Jack 2230-00-721-7517 MILJ14158   BJ  
Gasoline Engi Railway Track Jack 2230-00-273-3558 MILJ14158  
Gasoline Engine Track Wrench 2230-00-356-7427 MILW3357   DW  
Power Driven Rail Sawing Machine 2230-00-767-3100 MILS52148   15