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NSN: 4310-00-003-0041
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Part Numbers

Item Number Item Description
63-78973 Filter Element, Intake Air Cleane
63-78973D Filter Element, Intake Air Cleane
63-78973A Filter Element, Intake Air Cleane

Master Requirement Codes

Code Translation
AZTL The dimension measured along the longitudinal axis with terminated points at the extreme ends of the body.
ADPR A measurement of the smallest dimension of a body, in distinction from length or width.
APGF Indicates the design type of the item.
CRXW An indication of the structure or characteristic of the filtering media.
CRXW An indication of the structure or characteristic of the filtering media.
MATT The chemical compound or mechanical mixture properties of which the item is fabricated.
STYL The style designation indicating the configuration that most nearly corresponds to the appearance of the item.
ABMK An overall measurement taken at right angles to the length of an item, in distinction from thickness.
FEAT Those unusual or unique characteristics or qualities of an item not covered in the other requirements and which are determined to be essential for identification.

63-78973D Intake Air Cleane Filter Element

Cage 07700

Technical Definition

Filter Element, Intake Air Cleane, also referenced with federal logistics item name code 60475 - A replaceable device designed to remove dust, pollen or other foreign matter from the air passing through it. the removal of particles is accomplished by porous material (metallic or non-metallic), wire mesh, or the like. it is designed to fit into an air cleaner, intake.

Technical Characteristics

Body Overall Length (AZTL):
16.000 inches nominal
Body Thickness (ADPR):
0.750 inches nominal
Design Type (APGF):
Filtering Media Design (CRXW):
Mesh 1st filtering media response
Filtering Media Design (CRXW):
Pleated 2nd filtering media response
Material (MATT):
Aluminum alloy 3003 filtering medium and aluminum alloy 6063 filtering medium
Style Designator (STYL):
Rectangular (incl square)
Overall Width (ABMK):
12.000 inches nominal
Special Features (FEAT):
Fourteen 0.188 in. dia mtg holes around outer edge of frame,three on each end and four on each side

National Stock Number (NSN)